The Morning Light...


On those few and rare days that it's sunny, nothing is more breathtaking than the morning light that shyly creeps through the cracks of the blinds. As a blogger and freelancer, my workspace is constantly changing and these days I find myself calling a retro 70's fold out table my desk. How amazing is that yellow ziggity-zag pattern... and yes, it's all over the table top! I usually try to surround myself with pretty things... inspiring things... things that I am happy to look at for hours on end as the work hours stretch out in front of me.

Since most of my stuff is neatly packed up in a shipping crate somewhere, ready to be shipped over seas, I'm down to the bare basics over here. Decorating my desk these days you will see bunches of flowers... whatever is in bloom at the moment. Standing delicately next them you might find my Chanel perfume... a classic scent given to me by my mom, I find beauty in the memories as well as the timeless elegance of the bottle. A few other random items that could be found sprinkled on my desk top are whatever jewelery I  had been wearing the day before... some studs, the odd necklace, even my engagement rings from time to time. The same goes for makeup... it could be my favorite shade of lipstick, a few brushes, or the next shade of nail polish I intend to use.

The key is to make me want to get out of bed and come do some work surrounded by my treasures. On the odd sunny day like this one, seeing the early morning light bounce off of the various objects scattered across the desk top fill me with such inspiration... inspiration that I try to capture in photographs and that I carry with me into my projects. Call me a simple girl, but I truly believe you can find inspiration in anything if you simply look hard enough. I'm thinking about adding a scented candle to the mix... vanilla (it's my favorite scent!)... there's something so soothing about flickering light as well.

Sharing this as my IFB Project #85: Where do you blog? :)

***Today I am thankful for my make shift desk... lacking beauty it is not***


  1. Love the photos of your ring and flowers! Thanks for sharing! M&K at

  2. Oh why thank you and thanks again for commenting! -jb



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