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The Liebster Award... I was nominated by the lovely Hannah of Miss Hannah Marie (thank you!) a few weeks back and am finally getting around to posting about it. I did some research on the award itself and found a few contradictions as to the exact number of questions, answers, and followers a blog should have to be in the running for this. So I'm going to rock the boat with this award and make up my own rules! Here goes nothing...

My Liebster Award Rules
  • Tell us five random facts about yourself... the more interesting and random, the better...
  • Answer the taggers five questions as truthfully and witty as possible...
  • Come up with a set of five new questions... think beyond the obvious...
  • Pass them along to five bloggers of your choosing... big or small, it don't matter!

My Five Random Facts
  1. I can never get my eyebrows exactly the same and it pains me so! I once had them threaded to near perfection... but t must have been a fluke because I swear it's never happened again...
  2. At the ripe old age of almost 28 (yep were feeling confident about this again guys!) I'm happy to report that I am still pretty flexible, can touch my toes, do a split on BOTH SIDES, and touch my tongue to my nose... yes, even my tongue is flexible!
  3. I used to call hubs "buttons" as a nick name back in our summer camp days when we first met... for about the first three months of our relationship to be exact (cringe!)... but in my defense, so did everyone else at camp so yea...
  4. Hubs taught me how to wink with both eyes (I could only do the right eye prior to his teachings) and now I can switch wink back and forth with ease like nobody's business...
  5. I have been known to compulsively tidy up... my mess or others... and without even realizing it too! I simply can't help myself and before I know it, your spices have been consolidated and rearranged by type...

Five Of Hannah's Questions
  1. What is your dream job? My dream job would be creating pretty things to make people happy in all mediums imaginable... so if you know of the job, I'm looking!
  2. Favorite movie or TV show? Let's go with TV show... and if you know me, you know it's F.R.I.E.N.D.S! I love that show to death and back, use it as reference with life's daily hiccups, and own the entire box set!
  3. What did you want to be when you grew up? I was never that girl with a set job in mind... I remember always changing my mind and even today, I still don't really know what I want to be when I eventually grow up...
  4. If you could have lunch with anybody, who would it be and why? Well right now since I see hubs all the time, it would definitely be my sister (little k) because I miss her to pieces!
  5.  Favorite food? That's such a tough one! Once upon a time my (honest) answer would have been french fries but now there are just too many options... sushi, curry, crab, pizza, cereal, chinese, all the cheeses, bread... you get the picture!

My Five Questions For You!
  1. What's the weirdest dream you have ever had and what do you think it meant?
  2. If the zombies attacked, what would be your game plan?
  3. What is the lamest joke you know?
  4. Who would play you in your life movie?
  5. What random talent are you secretly (or not so secretly) proud of?

And My Nominations Are:
  1. Anna @ In Honor Of Design
  2. Natalie @ Nat The Fat Rat
  3. Mara @ M Loves M
  4. Vicki @ The Magpie Girl
  5. Megan @ Across The Pond
Ok and I'm done! Hopefully these lovely bloggers join in on the fun and pass it along too. Hope you enjoyed some of today's silliness ;)

***Today I am thankful for the lovely pink roses that are currently brightening up my desk... they smell like Spring***


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