A Lovely Week 3.8.13


 1. sporting my new running jacket 2. cheeky run with hubs & mum in-law 3. hiding... 4. rain drops & showers 5. ringwood brewery tour 6. a few malts 7. fermenting nicely 8. in storage 9. me & all the beers! 10. my true calling in life 11. beales night out 12. beer flavored ice cream 13. little dare devil 14. coffee for two 15. poor hubs 16. winter with a hint of spring

The fact that it's Friday... again! Anyone else feel like the weeks are just flying by and we're almost at mid March and still have no signs of a visa?!? Maybe it's just me with that latter part but still, hello Spring break?! Which would mean that Spring would have to actually arrive in this country and weather forecast says for a dip in temperature... help me I'm a wilting tropical flower... next subject... That I have to cross my eyes and loose focus (sort of) to see the very fine rain that's falling today... at a mere glance it looks like no rain... but then simply do my trick (or look at a puddle) and its actually coming down quite steadily... Being called "girl" at the end of the Ringwood brewery tour by the older gentleman as I served pints... but I went with it seeing as I was the only "girl" behind the bar... that and that I really loved pulling pints! Trying to explain to L (the niece) what germs are... it gets really tricky trying to explain even the simplest of things to kids sometimes... to which she replied in a slightly horrified voice "I ate germs?!?" umm well yea but not exactly... oh boy, here we go again... It's ok now, we cleared that one up and now she just goes around saying "naughty germs!"... haha kids! Can't wait till I can utterly confuse my own some day ;)

Coffee... a bit of a random one but non the truer... it makes the world go round and me a very happy girl... When friends ask for my expert design eye on projects very near and dear to them... I always feel so thankful when I can contribute and be a part of something special... Runs with the mum in-law... it may sound strange but I feel like we always have the best chats during those runs... aside from the panting and gasps of air in between my words... but the content you know, somehow comes out a lot more pure and less filtered than at any other time... could be the fact that I literally have no time but for real answers and breathing... Officially being a contributor on the Bubble and Speak blog... so many ideas already overflowing... can.not.wait! Working behind the bar... I absolutely loved pulling pints for my fellow tour peers... they loved me... I loved them... and I got to top myself up as often as I liked so that was most definitely a work perk! Influencing the girls accents and vocabulary... I will make them American just you wait and see... I now have them asking for cookies and saying coffee with a Boston accent... just for fun you know. When hubs hears our wedding song come on my I tunes shuffle and insists we slow dance to it... well more like slow stand and hold each other while whispering mushy things because he's still not feeling to hot... but I'd kiss those germs any old day!

***Toady I am thankful for bright pop of color on my ring finger... if nothing else, it's a reminder that somewhere out there, people are enjoying Spring and it's coming***


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