A Lovely Week 3.22.13


1. touching my toes 2. buried treasures 3. someone found their razor! 4. hair styles by tia 5. just spraying some m&m's gold 6. baking and drinking wine! 7. rainbow batter 8. pot of gold rainbow cake 9. editing for the blog 10. roses in the setting light 11. making a rainbow 12. me & my rainbow 13. a flicker of hope 14. just hanging at the gym 15. ice cold bath thanks to crossfit! 16. breakfast of champions 17. how we make up 18. on to the next holiday! 19. doing a little dying 20. that's my name

The way I've been walking (if you could call it that) all week thanks to some hard core cross fit training and some very shocked not to mention annoyed muscles... muscles to me- "oh thanks for thinking of us when you decided to jump start your fitness at the deep end after months of lounging about... thanks!" I look like Bambi or a toddler learning to walk... and not in an adorable or cute way either... When hub's razor stopped working mid beard shave due to the battery dieing... and he insisted on showing everyone his half shaved face... weirdo! Trying to dye brown eggs... because there are NO WHITE EGGS in the whole of Ringwood... possibly England... I know, I know... sounds crazy but it's true... reason no. 729 why I can't wait to get back on home soil... But I didn't let those pesky British brown eggs beat, no I didn't! I took me about seven trials and errors... a lot of researching the internet and tweaking of my formula... but by gosh, I did it! And for a brief moment in time, I felt like an evil scientist <awkward!>

Getting into the gym with hubs, L, and R (trainer extraordinaire!)... well ok, maybe not so awesome at the time when every single cell in my body is aching with pain and my brain is screaming at me to stop... but afterwards, man is it rewarding... well only if you ignore the fact that I can barely move and hurts to laugh, sneeze, or cry... but awesome none the less... How colorful St. Patrick's day festivities have made the house... I know it's March and in some parts of the world Spring is awakening and what not, but here it's still cold, grey, and rainy so these rainbows have really helped lift my spirits... plus they just make me smile... Scented candles... just because... Icy baths that make for intense pain and cold... enough to make your limbs go numb (which they did) and then staying in them for ten minutes... wait did I mean awesome or awkward? Well the ice bath itself, not too awesome... but the results... less muscle soreness and stiffness which equaled to less pain and awkward movements by little old me... well that was just awesome and yes I do think it's worth those ten minutes of suffering...

***Today I am thankful for these pesky British brown eggs... keeping me on my toes!**


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