A Lovely Week 3.1.13


1. milk hearts, not just for v-day! 2. knocked out 3. dabbling in some editorial stuff 4. cake in a mug 5. out & about in ringwood 6. vintage treasures 7. shh we're hiding 8. longest 2 miles ever! 9. after dinner milk 10. the sweetest thanks 11. it's all furs & hoods 12. shadows of a pair of lovers 13. chilly nights call for hot chocolate 14. double date 15. his & hers pink hats 16. portfolio stuff 17. shopping finds18. friday things 19. sneak peek of a future style post! 20. a reluctant photographer

Me flying through the air at what felt like lightening speed before rolling on my back and finally coming to a halt against a building... oh did I mention I was sprinting with R and tripped over mine/his legs and so there you go... airborne all the way! But what was really awkward was how it felt like it was happening in slow motion while it was actually happening in the blink of an eye and no one witnessed it... Although it did hurt and I got my first skinned knee in like over a decade, I kind of wish I could have seen it happen from an out of body perspective... I bet it was a good one! Obviously the fact that hubs and I are still in London... a whole month after we had expected to be States side... but I'd rather not talk about it... Trying to do some style shoots in the absolute most frigid of temperatures... I'm talk bone chilling, teeth clattering, involuntary body shaking cold! So if I look slightly awkward or like I'm uncomfortable in some of the pictures... it's probably because I am...

Hubs insisting on going into a charity shop we had just only been in the day before... and finding the rarest of the Hornsea pottery I've been collecting... the egg cups AND their wooden holder... a slight pause for your oooohs and ahhhhs... I know! Let's just say a certain someone may have gotten a lot of extra points for that gem of a find... Charity shopping in this little town in general... let's just say that ringwoods trash is literally my treasure... that I will be happily taking with me to L.A. Running on the treadmill for the first time in years (that's not it, wait for it) and NOT falling off of it like I have in the past... for serious guys, treadmills scare me like no other... it was a good day in my book! Having the perfect double date and some much needed love from K... man I'm gonna miss that girl... Receiving the sweetest (literally) thank you in the mail... in the form of cookies (biscuits) that spelled it out... snail mail and cookies... need I say more? The amazing finds, not to mention deals that I found while shopping with hubs! Oh and then there are the pants... the most perfect pair of shiny black skinnies that hug me in all the right places and feel like butter... that are normally priced around £100 and I had found for £70 and fell in love with but had to let go because they were still out of our budget... only to be reunited with them again and this time in the clearance for a measly £34!!! I nearly fainted when I saw them... the last pair... and in my size! It was jean fate...

***Today I am thankful for the amazing shopping luck I seem to have had lately... I hope it stays for awhile!***


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