Tuesday Tunes: The Lumineers


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As I'm sat here trying to type this post out, hubs is playfully shouting out "hey" and "ho" at the wrong times while Hey Ho is on in the background. Gosh I love him for those silly acts of, well pure silliness really. Who else is going to belt out songs with me just for the sake of acting ridiculous? There is something hopeful and optimistic (not to mention insanely catchy) that lingers through most of The Lumineers' songs. Except of course for those few in the set that are dangerously sad... I'm talking cue the lights to dim with you perched solo at a sticky bar drowning your sorrows in a man's man kind of drink sad... but I save those songs for when I want to be dramatically blue. For now I'm twirling around to the overly cheery and happy beats and longing for a spring that I know realistically probably won't happen here in England... one because it's been snowing still on and off and two because there never really is a spring, or summer for that matter in this neck of the woods. But with The Lumineers, the sounds of their drums and strums of mandolins, I know that a promise of spring is in the horizon... in a sunny land called California!

p.s.- at the end of this I asked hubs what he thought of The Lumineers... to which he responded with "I don't even know who those guys are"... and yet another reason why I love this man!

a few of my fave...
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***Today I am thankful for the way music can really sway my moods... right now I'm happy***


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