My Funny Valentine...


 not sure why I'm making that face...

My funny Valentine took me on a romantic stroll this year. The air was crisp and cold, the day was grey and wet... in true England fashion of course. We strolled through the woods holding slightly frozen hands (we both forgot gloves) and stopped for runny nosed kisses here and there. We avoided puddles, of which there were many, and stopped to gaze at the gently rolling streams. We may have stopped to do a style shoot or two (you're so excited I'm sure!) and even had our date crashed by a furry four legged friend... who splashed into the icy stream to happily dig up... a rock?! Then my funny Valentine led our walk to a warm and cozy pub. Together we defrosted by the fire over a shared platter of fishy and fried delights, washed down with equally tasty beverages. He chose a vintage whiskey, I chose a local beer. We talked about our future plans and what life will be like once we are finally state side... we talked about our individual goals and things we hoped to accomplish before 30. We talked and talked for hours by that fire in that cozy pub... and it was perfect. Thank you for the perfect date my funny Valentine.

***Today I am thankful for my funny valentine hubs, he is the funniest really***


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