Happy (Belated) 2 Year!


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I am a terrible parent... blog parent that is! I was busily updating my resume for like the 100th time... standard as I'm always moving around too... when I looked up the start dates for both blogs to add them on there and what do you know... I had missed this one's 2 year birthday mark! Whoopsie! It was on the 25th of January but I am just sneakily blaming my forgetfulness on the move.... yea the move made me forget! Happy belated birthday anyways blog! Lucky for me I was in work mode yesterday and checked just in time for chiquititos birthday... which happens to be today! So happy birthday to you too little one! I guess if I was going to forget one of them, I'm glad it was this one and not the other... forgetting a first birthday is much harsher than forgetting a second... not to mention scarring. And yep, I plan to use this same logic one day with my real kids... 

<pretend conversation with future kids>

"What's that you say?"
"Oh it was your birthday last month and your siblings three months ago?"
"Well I didn't forget... I'm planning an extra special, super, duper, mind blowing joint extravaganza... for next month!"

Anyways, enough of the crazy talk as if my blogs were my children or pretend conversations with my future ones... another year gone by and all I can really say is... awesome! I'm not really sure what it is that keeps me blogging, but I am and really enjoying it. It has become my little escape from reality where I can just unplug and get lost in my thoughts, ideas, and creativity. I'm still not really sure what my future plans are for the blog either, I've noticed that as I change and grow... as life happens and then happens some more... my vision for it changes. But that's ok, for now I just want to focus on having fun with it... because if it's not fun, what's the point in doing it right? Thanks again to all the loyal followers, new and old alike... you guys rock! Not sure what the appeal is, but I'm glad it's there. Hope you've enjoyed the adventures so far. Things you can look forward to in year three include another relocation (the Brit moves to America!), some more job hunting (Cali please be good to me!), and lots of sun bathing... ahhh the sun bathing! I apologize in advance if I over do it in the ranting and posting of all things sun related... it's been two years with out any and so to say I am over the moon about it is an understatement. Plus hopefully I'll find it too difficult to be depressed when I'm sitting outside... in the sunshine and warmth... on the beach... and probably with a cocktail in my hand! I mean who can cry on the beach anyways... 

***Today I am thankful the wonderful sunshine that promises to cure these blues of mine... hooray!***


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