Double Date...


Last week I had the unexpected pleasure of having K and M drop by for some double date action right here in little old Ringwood! Imagine my surprise and delight when I got the text- "we're visiting the in-laws while on half term and could stop by on the way back to London?" Um, a big "YES PLEASE!!!" was all I could text back before I giddily danced around the room while hubs looked at me like I was crazy. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was about  seeing a pair of familiar faces again. Not to mention that had K announced to us that she was pregnant... literally the last time we saw her, just before we left London! And so I was even more excited to see how much this little London baby had grown and if there would be any signs of a baby bump yet.

On the day of our double date, we walked through the high street catching up briefly before having lunch. Hubs chose to take us all to The Old Cottage, a quaint and tiny restaurant located inside a cottage of course. To say this place was small is an understatement. For once in my life I felt really tall and as you can see by the pictures, M who's over 6 feet tall struggled getting around. Luckily for us, the place was empty and so we could easily (more or less) spread out. The food was absolutely delicious and the interior decor we decided made it feel like Christmas time... of course that could have also been due to the fact that it was particularly freezing that day! We talked baby talk... move talk... London talk... and just how much our lives seemed to be changing so suddenly. K was my very first friend in London way back when we were both American students, living abroad, and too smitten with our now hubby Brits to know what was good for us. The thought of missing out on this special part of her life makes me so sad but I know we'll always try and make it work. I've already self appointed myself as style auntie ;)

From there we wandered down to a local coffee shop, popping into a few charity shops along the way hoping for some treasure but had no luck. At the Boston Tea Party, we warmed up over lattes and hot chocolates in an industrial meets shabby chic hot spot. A vast contrast to our earlier location, but just as fun none the less. So fun in fact that I not so subtly tried to capture the fun in the moment but thanks to no flash and awkward lighting, some of the pictures came out a bit fuzzy. I also must admit that some of the above pictures may or may not have been posed ones... "quick pretend like your drinking and I just said something really funny... now hold that pose for like 20 seconds while I try to take your picture". Yep, I am guilty of that sort of behavior. Luckily for me those that love me and know me best are used to my nutty ways and just indulge me... thanks guys! A huge thanks to K and M for making my (and possibly hubs') day... please come visit us again... and soon!

***Today I am thankful for friends like K and M... possibly the best double date partners ever!***


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