A Lovely Week 2.22.13


1. the man behind the lens 2. love in my milk 3. remnants of valentines 4. a healthy snack 5. rare sighting of my shadow 6. by any other name... 7. roast sundays 8. reworking some stuff 9. first run in a while 10. silhouette of a runner 11. dark chocolate shavings 12. icing fun 13. turning this many 14. death by dark chocolate cake 15. for the whiskey lover 16. happy birthday lover! 17. floral & bold 18. this is ringwood 19. little treasures 20. run with the bearded man

Getting back into running... but you already knew that from previous rants hu? Oh but wait, there's more... getting back into running when you are ridiculously unfit because you never quite got out of the drinking and eating all kinds of crap mood that came with the holiday festivities... yes it's been going on since Xmas! Getting back into running when you are ridiculously unfit and gasping for air... and that air is freezing cold beyond belief... I'm talking frost bite potential guys.... And for the grand old cherry on top... getting back into running when you are ridiculously unfit, it's freezing cold, and having the fact that once we skip over the pond we will be in L.A. (land of the gorgeously fit) ready for bikini season looming over me... kill me now please...

Having back to back festivities with Valentines Day and hub's birthday... another excuse to bake? Yes please! Having so many sweet tooth's in this home that for once all of my sweets and treats get eaten... and I'm talking in the blink of an eye quickly... In a weird masochist kind of way, running... but you already knew that from previous delirious post running rants... But running through the forest on a cushioned trail of pine needles next the stream as the sun sets kind of awesome guys... so awesome I almost didn't notice my hands had gone completely numb and purple... fingerless gloves I tell you... Double dates with K & M who came to visit us from London... and that date was in a tiny cottage that for once made me look normal size and poor M (6ft something) look like a giant! He had keep hunched over while walking just to get around... post on that is definitely coming soon...

***Today I am thankful for my long grey socks that are keeping my tootsies warm***


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