Tuesday Tunes: Sounds Of California


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In efforts to stay excited about the upcoming move and not let the wave of panic that usually accompanies stressful situations (like say packing) drown me, I thought I'd make a little mix featuring some of my all time favorite California inspired tunes. It's quite an eclectic one... a combination of the most infamous east coast and west coast rappers known to my generation with some good oldies and few new indie songs for the perfect balance. Now please excuse me as I go sort through all of my clothing and create endless piles of keep, try on again, maybe, and donate. The silver lining in all of this... I do love a good clean out and this should help keep me in my minimalist state of mind!

a california mix...
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***Today I am thankful for my obsessive compulsive behavior and need for organizing EVERYTHING... sometimes a deadly combo but just what I need to jump start this move!***


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