Race Report: Somerley 10K


never not representing!
kinda love this guy!
it's a family affair...
sheep need the loo too!

This year has been quite the race in many aspects... so it was almost fitting that it ended with one last race just barely squeezed in before I rang in the year. Running wise, it has been my most challenging and rewarding year ever... I ran three half marathons... THREE HALF MARATHONS!!! I can only imagine my present self going back in time and telling my circa 2009 amateur runner self this would happen... to which old me would have laughed and said, "I give this whole running nonsense a good two months top!" Well I sure showed me!

To date, all of my races have been unique experiences and no two are ever alike. What made the Somerley 10K race extra special for me was not the fact that I hadn't been training in months... nor the fact that I had been eating and drinking (guilty!) shamelessly in the way of holiday tradition... it wasn't even the fact that I was sick and could barely breath through my nose come race day. OK, by now you may be wondering why on Earth I even ran in the first place... and believe you me, I'm not that hardcore! Well what made this race extra special was that my mum in-law had been training for it and asked if we wanted to join. How could hubs and I say no? It turned into a family affair as other siblings, boyfriends, and friends joined too. Dad in-law even marshaled! I decided that morning that going for a time was out the window as just jogging to the porta-potties left me wheezing. So I made a quick mental change to treat this like any old Sunday run where I could take my time, enjoy the scenery, and walk if I had to. That I could mentally talk myself down from immediately thinking "this is a disaster, must run as fast as I can or die trying" shows me just how far I've come as a runner. And what a scenery to enjoy too! We ran through muddy forest grounds and saw horses that would gallop towards the fence as the runners passed by. The sheep were a bit confused and not really sure who to follow with so many people about... and so they they somehow ended in the toilets. I have to say a massive thanks to L for staying behind with to keep me company when she could've easily run ahead. Together, we ran, jogged, strolled, power walked, and possibly even skipped through the fields.

In the end I got even sicker from being out in the freezing cold with sweaty wet clothes for way too long... but was it worth it, you betcha! Thanks again mum in-law!

P.S.- Plans to say we were pacing mum in-law were quickly dashed as she easily ran past us (L and I) shouting "come on girls!" Which just goes to show age has nothing to do with it and training has everything do with it.

P.S.S.- How many other mum in-laws are as kick ass as mine?

one last tasty medal of the year!

***Today I am thankful for the funny sheep that held the toilets hostage... because, why not?***


  1. Hey Jackie B - thanks so much for joining in the 10k and for being an inspirational and much loved part of the family - your mum in law xxxxx



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