Link Love 1.13.13


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01. It's style like this that makes enduring the cold months well worth it!

02. A sweet, short, and eye opener of a  post about one specific personal goal in 2013...

03. If you're thinking about getting into running, I suggest you buy Be Pretty On Rest Days!

04. Bite size coconut cake & swiss meringue buttermilk cream sound heavenly right now...

05. Living the mama in the city life style vicariously through Taza and her iphone shots...

Hubs and I had one of the greatest dates ever last night. You know the kind where the rest of the world is passing you by in a blur because you only have eyes for each other? Yea, its was that kind of date. Our love of exploring new foods and drinking craft beer led to great time! I forget how easily we can get sucked into a routine at home and live together without actually living, and talk to each other with out actually talking. It was perfect... him and I wearing our not planned but matching beanies, sipping our craft beer at a hidden gem byob Vietnamese place... lost in deep and long overdue meaningful conversations... I tell yea, happier accidental hipsters there never existed.

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***Today I am thankful for our date nights hubs... keeping the romance alive one date at a time!***



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