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So let me first start off by saying that no, I am not pregnant... though I would imagine I would have the same sort of reactions if that were the case... a whole lot of eeeeek and ahhhh!!! Remember how for the past few months I've been dangling that juicy bit of "there's some crazy stuff going on around here and I can't wait to share but I can't just yet and I'm sorry for teasing but not really..." in front of your salivating (just humor me) little mouths? OK where here it is...

*drum roll please*

Hubs and I are moving to Los Angeles!!!

I know! I'm sure you have a million questions so lets rewind to December and start at the beginning...

December is always a pretty hectic month for the usual reasons... holidays, end of the year, etc. and this year was no exception... but with about 500 times more chaos. If you've been following my little blog since the beginning, you may already know that it was born in an effort to share my new found adventures as a mrs. in a foreign country after years of long distance dating... you can read the condensed version here. You may also know that it took leaving my career and beloved NYC, waiting for a visa, and finally relocating to London to make this all possible. And you might even know that things haven't always been the easiest for me in old London town.

So what does all of this have to do with my news of moving and December? If you've been following for a while, you might have come to appreciate the irony that is my life. I however am still working on it (the appreciating part that is). Just when I thought my love saga was getting too easy, funny old life just had to go and throw us a curve ball... again... thanks life.

Trying to figure out the best way to describe what happened is next to impossible. I still have bitter sweet, mixed emotions whenever I think of it in it's entirety... and so I will just retell it in a quick fire round of run on sentences... fast and painless like pulling off a band aid!

I get recruited for a possible job opportunity... hubs starts looking for new jobs. I have my interview with the recruiter and they decide to put me forward as a candidate... hubs has a few local interviews. I have my first interview with the company... hubs has an interview with a company out in L.A. I get asked back for a second interview with an extensive project I have to create... hubs gets a job offer from L.A. company. I work like a crazy woman for two weeks on said project secretly resenting all of human kind... L.A. pushes hubs for an answer. I have the world's worst day leading up to the second interview (I'm talking messed up printing jobs and delayed trains!) that I still managed to salvage... hubs is getting even more pressure from L.A. for an answer. I am so sick to my stomach I can barely eat and am confused beyond belief, so I turn to little k, friends, Jesus (anyone who is willing to listen really) desperately searching for the right answer... another candidate is now on the table for L.A. and so they need an answer from hubs pronto or the job moves on without him. I desperately look for signs in the sky, my cereal, that moldy patch on the bathroom wall while waiting for an assumed rejection and then out of nowhere I just know, it's time for change... hubs accepts the offer and it's decided, we're moving to L.A. Job officially offers me the position... and I decline because now London, we are moving on. And so after almost two years of me trying and desperately seeking the job I so hungrily wanted... I walk away with a sigh in hopes of leaving my heavy heat behind. In the end I decided that some things like my health and state of mind were more important than my long standing battle with London... not to mention the eternal sunshine that I am promised in old Cali.

While I am still coming to terms with what all of this means... relocating again, a new adventure for hubs and I,  new possibilities... I can't help but feel excited and slightly relieved. I'll leave the soul searching story and what I have learned from all of this for another post but this is basically the gist of how it all went down. All I have left to say is London... you are such a tease.

***Today I am thankful life's many curve balls? Keeping me young life, keeping me young!***


  1. OMG!!! This is mental! CONGRATS TO HUBS! And to you both really :) I can totally relate to some of this and am very happy for you both! Cali sounds like a dream compared to cold, dark & snowy London! Hopefully get to see you before you go! x



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