A Lovely Week 1.11.13


1. keep calm and drink coffee... or in my case, lemsip 2. what my days have consisted of 3. after a week in bed, i treat myself to this bad boy! 4.trying to stay healthy 5. on my desk 6. not a tea drinker but a teapot lover! 7. my 2012 in medals 8. a fallen rdc man sticker and dusted created this

Me and my sickly old self since the new years... I mean doing the run wasn't the smartest of ideas I suppose... and neither was the all night drinking and dancing bash to bring in the new year... but hey, somethings just have to be done and that's that. And so now there's me... sick... again... and that's that. Also kind of awkward... the measly amount (not to mention the content) of my instagrams this past week! If you are a faithful follower, thanks for amusing me with your likes... and I promise to have more of a life starting today... achoo!

Almost being able to share some pretty exciting news with you guys... I know I keep teasing but I promise it's coming... and it's a pretty big juicy one! Using my hostage time at home to reflect on the past year and realizing I did some pretty awesome things... and using that motivation to propel me into the new year... bring it on 2013... I can see the end of this cold (I think/hope) and that's pretty awesome... And going out to dinner and a drinkie or two with E for a catchup... quickly before I start going stir crazy from lack of fresh air!

***Today I am thankful for finally being near the end of this cold... so over cold, so over you!***


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