2012 In Medals...


If I could measure this past year in terms of medals, I would have to conclude that it was a great year! Look at all the shiny medals! I mean... doesn't that prove it? Truth is, 2012 was another hard year for me... same as the year before (2011), only this time I learned to channel my frustrations more into running... and so there you go, lots of medals! It seems like I was always training for something or recovering from something... I kept getting sick after races (England's weather doesn't agree with me one bit!). For me, always having a goal in sight helped keep me sane when everything else in my world seemed so upside down and uncertain at times. Running has become a form of meditation and relaxation... a thing that keeps me challenged (I get competitive with myself) and in shape. You know those crazy people that talk themselves? Well I'm one of them! And when I'm running, my mind is free to talk a frenzy as my body shifts into a more mechanical state... it's beautiful! There's no better therapy than running alone through the lit up streets of London in the evening.  Through it I have learned discipline (well sort of) and I have learned forgiveness... forgiveness for myself that is. I have learned to push myself past my boundaries... to be ok with being uncomfortable... and that I am truly capable of achieving what ever I put my mind to. I have ran for sadness... for anger... for loneliness... for frustration... for fun... for the high.. for excitement... for effort... for socializing... for not getting the job... for training... for exercise... but above everything else, I have always run for me.

One thing I have become aware of, the runner in me has shifted slightly. I still want to do my best, but like in life, sometimes you just have a bad run... and that can happen even on race day... and that's ok. Learning to mentally accept situations and change goals at the start line is something I hope to transfer into my day to day life. With so many curve balls being thrown at me, I need to be flexible if I want to stay in the race of life (cheesy I know but I couldn't resist!). In terms of running, it seems like it will definitely remain a part of my life... I am a runner! That is something I never thought I would be... EVER!!! I find myself toying with the idea of running a full marathon... and I had applied do the London one but being so popular, it's really hard to get in. I also have my heart set on the NYC one, but it's the same station. I think it will be possibly one of the hardest things I do in my life... both physically and mentally... and for those reasons alone, I would love to run in a city close to my heart so I can pull encouragement from the familiarities. I guess I'll just have to keep applying... or maybe fall in love with a less popular city. 

 British 10K
  Run Dem Crew Mission Impossible Relay

***Today I am thankful for running... never would I have imagined you'd become such a big part of my life***


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