Tuesday Tunes: Sounds Of California


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In efforts to stay excited about the upcoming move and not let the wave of panic that usually accompanies stressful situations (like say packing) drown me, I thought I'd make a little mix featuring some of my all time favorite California inspired tunes. It's quite an eclectic one... a combination of the most infamous east coast and west coast rappers known to my generation with some good oldies and few new indie songs for the perfect balance. Now please excuse me as I go sort through all of my clothing and create endless piles of keep, try on again, maybe, and donate. The silver lining in all of this... I do love a good clean out and this should help keep me in my minimalist state of mind!

a california mix...
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***Today I am thankful for my obsessive compulsive behavior and need for organizing EVERYTHING... sometimes a deadly combo but just what I need to jump start this move!***


Exciting & Terrifying News!


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So let me first start off by saying that no, I am not pregnant... though I would imagine I would have the same sort of reactions if that were the case... a whole lot of eeeeek and ahhhh!!! Remember how for the past few months I've been dangling that juicy bit of "there's some crazy stuff going on around here and I can't wait to share but I can't just yet and I'm sorry for teasing but not really..." in front of your salivating (just humor me) little mouths? OK where here it is...

*drum roll please*

Hubs and I are moving to Los Angeles!!!

I know! I'm sure you have a million questions so lets rewind to December and start at the beginning...

December is always a pretty hectic month for the usual reasons... holidays, end of the year, etc. and this year was no exception... but with about 500 times more chaos. If you've been following my little blog since the beginning, you may already know that it was born in an effort to share my new found adventures as a mrs. in a foreign country after years of long distance dating... you can read the condensed version here. You may also know that it took leaving my career and beloved NYC, waiting for a visa, and finally relocating to London to make this all possible. And you might even know that things haven't always been the easiest for me in old London town.

So what does all of this have to do with my news of moving and December? If you've been following for a while, you might have come to appreciate the irony that is my life. I however am still working on it (the appreciating part that is). Just when I thought my love saga was getting too easy, funny old life just had to go and throw us a curve ball... again... thanks life.

Trying to figure out the best way to describe what happened is next to impossible. I still have bitter sweet, mixed emotions whenever I think of it in it's entirety... and so I will just retell it in a quick fire round of run on sentences... fast and painless like pulling off a band aid!

I get recruited for a possible job opportunity... hubs starts looking for new jobs. I have my interview with the recruiter and they decide to put me forward as a candidate... hubs has a few local interviews. I have my first interview with the company... hubs has an interview with a company out in L.A. I get asked back for a second interview with an extensive project I have to create... hubs gets a job offer from L.A. company. I work like a crazy woman for two weeks on said project secretly resenting all of human kind... L.A. pushes hubs for an answer. I have the world's worst day leading up to the second interview (I'm talking messed up printing jobs and delayed trains!) that I still managed to salvage... hubs is getting even more pressure from L.A. for an answer. I am so sick to my stomach I can barely eat and am confused beyond belief, so I turn to little k, friends, Jesus (anyone who is willing to listen really) desperately searching for the right answer... another candidate is now on the table for L.A. and so they need an answer from hubs pronto or the job moves on without him. I desperately look for signs in the sky, my cereal, that moldy patch on the bathroom wall while waiting for an assumed rejection and then out of nowhere I just know, it's time for change... hubs accepts the offer and it's decided, we're moving to L.A. Job officially offers me the position... and I decline because now London, we are moving on. And so after almost two years of me trying and desperately seeking the job I so hungrily wanted... I walk away with a sigh in hopes of leaving my heavy heat behind. In the end I decided that some things like my health and state of mind were more important than my long standing battle with London... not to mention the eternal sunshine that I am promised in old Cali.

While I am still coming to terms with what all of this means... relocating again, a new adventure for hubs and I,  new possibilities... I can't help but feel excited and slightly relieved. I'll leave the soul searching story and what I have learned from all of this for another post but this is basically the gist of how it all went down. All I have left to say is London... you are such a tease.

***Today I am thankful life's many curve balls? Keeping me young life, keeping me young!***


A Rule To Live By...


***Today I am thankful Disney... man I miss the good old classics***


Link Love 1.13.13


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01. It's style like this that makes enduring the cold months well worth it!

02. A sweet, short, and eye opener of a  post about one specific personal goal in 2013...

03. If you're thinking about getting into running, I suggest you buy Be Pretty On Rest Days!

04. Bite size coconut cake & swiss meringue buttermilk cream sound heavenly right now...

05. Living the mama in the city life style vicariously through Taza and her iphone shots...

Hubs and I had one of the greatest dates ever last night. You know the kind where the rest of the world is passing you by in a blur because you only have eyes for each other? Yea, its was that kind of date. Our love of exploring new foods and drinking craft beer led to great time! I forget how easily we can get sucked into a routine at home and live together without actually living, and talk to each other with out actually talking. It was perfect... him and I wearing our not planned but matching beanies, sipping our craft beer at a hidden gem byob Vietnamese place... lost in deep and long overdue meaningful conversations... I tell yea, happier accidental hipsters there never existed.

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***Today I am thankful for our date nights hubs... keeping the romance alive one date at a time!***


A Lovely Week 1.11.13


1. keep calm and drink coffee... or in my case, lemsip 2. what my days have consisted of 3. after a week in bed, i treat myself to this bad boy! 4.trying to stay healthy 5. on my desk 6. not a tea drinker but a teapot lover! 7. my 2012 in medals 8. a fallen rdc man sticker and dusted created this

Me and my sickly old self since the new years... I mean doing the run wasn't the smartest of ideas I suppose... and neither was the all night drinking and dancing bash to bring in the new year... but hey, somethings just have to be done and that's that. And so now there's me... sick... again... and that's that. Also kind of awkward... the measly amount (not to mention the content) of my instagrams this past week! If you are a faithful follower, thanks for amusing me with your likes... and I promise to have more of a life starting today... achoo!

Almost being able to share some pretty exciting news with you guys... I know I keep teasing but I promise it's coming... and it's a pretty big juicy one! Using my hostage time at home to reflect on the past year and realizing I did some pretty awesome things... and using that motivation to propel me into the new year... bring it on 2013... I can see the end of this cold (I think/hope) and that's pretty awesome... And going out to dinner and a drinkie or two with E for a catchup... quickly before I start going stir crazy from lack of fresh air!

***Today I am thankful for finally being near the end of this cold... so over cold, so over you!***


2012 In Medals...


If I could measure this past year in terms of medals, I would have to conclude that it was a great year! Look at all the shiny medals! I mean... doesn't that prove it? Truth is, 2012 was another hard year for me... same as the year before (2011), only this time I learned to channel my frustrations more into running... and so there you go, lots of medals! It seems like I was always training for something or recovering from something... I kept getting sick after races (England's weather doesn't agree with me one bit!). For me, always having a goal in sight helped keep me sane when everything else in my world seemed so upside down and uncertain at times. Running has become a form of meditation and relaxation... a thing that keeps me challenged (I get competitive with myself) and in shape. You know those crazy people that talk themselves? Well I'm one of them! And when I'm running, my mind is free to talk a frenzy as my body shifts into a more mechanical state... it's beautiful! There's no better therapy than running alone through the lit up streets of London in the evening.  Through it I have learned discipline (well sort of) and I have learned forgiveness... forgiveness for myself that is. I have learned to push myself past my boundaries... to be ok with being uncomfortable... and that I am truly capable of achieving what ever I put my mind to. I have ran for sadness... for anger... for loneliness... for frustration... for fun... for the high.. for excitement... for effort... for socializing... for not getting the job... for training... for exercise... but above everything else, I have always run for me.

One thing I have become aware of, the runner in me has shifted slightly. I still want to do my best, but like in life, sometimes you just have a bad run... and that can happen even on race day... and that's ok. Learning to mentally accept situations and change goals at the start line is something I hope to transfer into my day to day life. With so many curve balls being thrown at me, I need to be flexible if I want to stay in the race of life (cheesy I know but I couldn't resist!). In terms of running, it seems like it will definitely remain a part of my life... I am a runner! That is something I never thought I would be... EVER!!! I find myself toying with the idea of running a full marathon... and I had applied do the London one but being so popular, it's really hard to get in. I also have my heart set on the NYC one, but it's the same station. I think it will be possibly one of the hardest things I do in my life... both physically and mentally... and for those reasons alone, I would love to run in a city close to my heart so I can pull encouragement from the familiarities. I guess I'll just have to keep applying... or maybe fall in love with a less popular city. 

 British 10K
  Run Dem Crew Mission Impossible Relay

***Today I am thankful for running... never would I have imagined you'd become such a big part of my life***


Race Report: Somerley 10K


never not representing!
kinda love this guy!
it's a family affair...
sheep need the loo too!

This year has been quite the race in many aspects... so it was almost fitting that it ended with one last race just barely squeezed in before I rang in the year. Running wise, it has been my most challenging and rewarding year ever... I ran three half marathons... THREE HALF MARATHONS!!! I can only imagine my present self going back in time and telling my circa 2009 amateur runner self this would happen... to which old me would have laughed and said, "I give this whole running nonsense a good two months top!" Well I sure showed me!

To date, all of my races have been unique experiences and no two are ever alike. What made the Somerley 10K race extra special for me was not the fact that I hadn't been training in months... nor the fact that I had been eating and drinking (guilty!) shamelessly in the way of holiday tradition... it wasn't even the fact that I was sick and could barely breath through my nose come race day. OK, by now you may be wondering why on Earth I even ran in the first place... and believe you me, I'm not that hardcore! Well what made this race extra special was that my mum in-law had been training for it and asked if we wanted to join. How could hubs and I say no? It turned into a family affair as other siblings, boyfriends, and friends joined too. Dad in-law even marshaled! I decided that morning that going for a time was out the window as just jogging to the porta-potties left me wheezing. So I made a quick mental change to treat this like any old Sunday run where I could take my time, enjoy the scenery, and walk if I had to. That I could mentally talk myself down from immediately thinking "this is a disaster, must run as fast as I can or die trying" shows me just how far I've come as a runner. And what a scenery to enjoy too! We ran through muddy forest grounds and saw horses that would gallop towards the fence as the runners passed by. The sheep were a bit confused and not really sure who to follow with so many people about... and so they they somehow ended in the toilets. I have to say a massive thanks to L for staying behind with to keep me company when she could've easily run ahead. Together, we ran, jogged, strolled, power walked, and possibly even skipped through the fields.

In the end I got even sicker from being out in the freezing cold with sweaty wet clothes for way too long... but was it worth it, you betcha! Thanks again mum in-law!

P.S.- Plans to say we were pacing mum in-law were quickly dashed as she easily ran past us (L and I) shouting "come on girls!" Which just goes to show age has nothing to do with it and training has everything do with it.

P.S.S.- How many other mum in-laws are as kick ass as mine?

one last tasty medal of the year!

***Today I am thankful for the funny sheep that held the toilets hostage... because, why not?***


Tuesday Tunes: A Time To Cleanse


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Spring may not be here yet, but I've already started my Spring cleaning. There's something so soothing about going through all of your things... getting lost in the memories... and letting go of things we no longer need. For as much as I love shopping (and what girl doesn't?) I think I may like cleansing just as much. I'm not sure why, but it helps calm me. Decluttering my surroundings is the first step in decluttering my life... something I want to focus on in 2013. I'm always in awe of the people that embody the minimalist lifestyle and do it so with style and grace. I also really like the symbolism it embodies... breaking ties with the past and moving forward. I don't necessarily mean I want to forget the past because I have learned more in these last few years than in a whole lifetime. They have been tough though, and I think surrendering the baggage will do me some good. It's time to listen to music that makes you feel alive, surround yourself with beauty, sing aloud, dance like a fool, take pleasure in the small things, and always strive to create...

a cleansing mix...
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***Today I am thankful for music... without it life would be so dull***


I'm Furry...


hat: atmosphere | scarf: minimum via oscar milo | cardigan: madewell | dress: won hundred | belt: bottega veneta | tights: kmart | socks: kmart | boots: steve madden | lipstick: m.a.c.


Link Love 1.6.13


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01. Resolution, really struck a chord with me...

02. A dirty little secret of mine, I am a comic sans enthusiast...

03. Follow my dear friend Shelby from Traveling Texan as she tackles life back in the States...

04. I really enjoyed reading this post on things and keeping life simple...

05. Congratulations to the sweet Anna from IHOD who's going to be adding to her little clan!

With a fresh new year comes a fresh new start... and I for one am excited! With nearly two years under my belt with this here little blog of mine, I finally feel like I am coming into my own in terms of voice, style, and content. It has been an amazing journey, one in which I have learned a lot about myself and been able to push my creativity to new limits. A quick thank you to hubs for being such a patient teacher in all photoshop and design areas (guess that means we can one day start up our own thing baby!) and of course, let's not forget his participation both behind and recently in front of the camera. Another thank you to my family and friends that love me enough to accept that I will always be taking pictures... ALWAYS. And last but certainly not least, thank you to you dear readers for following along on my life journey... I really appreciate all of the love, encouraging comments, and emails you guys have taken the time to send me. A lot of exciting new things are lined up for 2013 and I can't wait to start sharing them with you guys. So sit back... relax... and enjoy.

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***Today I am thankful for 2013... a fresh new start!***


Hot Chocolate Bar...


One of my favorite parts about these past holidays was the hot chocolate bar I set up for the Beales. It was everything you could imagine and want from a hot chocolate bar... mix match mugs... over sized and miniature marshmallows alike... crushed and pieces of candy cane... vanilla sugar... mint dark chocolate batons... some amazing candy cane stirrers... and for the adults, your choice of Irish cream, rum, or vodka! Everyone was really excited... especially the little ones (sorry for sugar high I encouraged J!) All in all, I think it's safe to say the hot chocolate bar was huge success... liked by young and old alike... and surely to turn into a yearly tradition!

***Today I am thankful for hot chocolate... just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it


Boxing Day...


The day after Xmas is called Boxing Day... according to the Brits that is. Another day off work to just loll around enjoy more eating. And no, it has nothing to do with boxing (the sport)... or boxes. Though we did play a lot of board games that came in boxes. Basically the day consisted of a lie in (sleeping in) and boy was I ever grateful for that after the previous day's early wake up call. Then there was more eating and more tea, coffee, mulled wine drinking... followed by eating of Xmas leftovers... and of course, let's not forget the cheese! You just can't top a day that ends with cheese folks... unless of course that cheese comes with wine and games!

***Today I am thankful for Boxing Day... I am definitely bringing that one back to the States with me!***

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