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By the time you read this... no matter where you are in the world... it will be two sleeps until X-mas!!! And that is exactly what I keep telling the British nieces to keep them from opening all the
presents under the tree. So this is my first X-mas away from home ever and let me tell you...  I was nervous as ever! I think the combination of being really close to my immediate family (there's only four of us) and the fact that I've been living in England and so I haven't been able to see my family as often as I'm used to, I really thought the holidays would be hard for me. And don't get me wrong, I have teared up a few times already... like wrapping gifts without my mom (a tradition) but I am so fortunate that my married into family aka the Beales, are amazing!!! And so I am embracing the holidays... new traditions and all... and can't wait to share some of my own with my fellow Brits. Stick around to see how I... little Jackie B. tackle on the holidays... with a bit of Hispanic/American flair and all!

This week's favorite little thing of mine is... just hits the spot, you know?

I'll always be a Florida girl at heart... so this necklace is just perfect!

Possibly the best holiday card ever... except instead of a card, it's a video, and it's hilarious...

Ever wonder if you have a doppelganger... than you'll love this I'm Not A Look-Alike project!

Who doesn't like a good bloody mary... excited to try this recipe!

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***Today I am thankful for family at the holidays... especially the married into kind that are super great for my first time away from my family at the holidays!*** 


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