A Xmas Tree Adventure...


And she blogs again! Yes I'm referring to myself in the third person... something I like to do from time to time to keep things exciting ya know. So where have I been this time? Oh folks there has been soooo much going on in the past few weeks it's pretty ridiculous if I'm completely honest. I am literally bursting at the seams wanting to share but not just yet... it's still not time. What I can share with you guys instead, is this years adventure in the perfect tree hunt... yep I force hubs to do it yearly (ok it's only been two years but it will be yearly!) I am one of those that insists on having a real tree each.and.every.year... and there is absolutely no negotiating with me (I can be a brat, I know). Size doesn't really matter so much to me as much as proportion and of course, the real factor. Nothing tops a room scented with pine for me. And I almost love that we've had to get teeny tiny ones since our flat isn't the biggest... they fit perfectly in the commode hubs and I scored back in his hometown. Yes that's right... I'm saying our tree is in a vintage, 18th century, English pooper! Doesn't get more hipster than that hu?

We headed down to Columbia Road Flower Market (like we do pretty much every Sunday) and as expected, it was x-mas tree central! It's one of my favorite dates that hubs and I quickly adopted since moving to Shoreditch... looking through all the seasonal blooms until we finally settle on ones to bring home (I would bring the market home with us if I could!)... followed by delicious coffee and scones at CakeHole at Vintage Heaven (an amazing coffee shop literally inside a vintage china shop). The flower market is held on a closed off street that is lined with the most adorable shops imaginable... and of course I insist on going in each and every one much to hub's dismay. Oh and there is also this amazing bed/mattress place that we like to poke into from time to time to lie down on some serious life changing mattresses... that sadly we can't afford... but maybe one day! And just in case you are wondering (as I'm sure you are) that is the same tree both hubs and I are carrying... yet for some reason, it looks ridiculously tiny with him and ginormous with me. Don't know about you lot, but I find this positively and mind boggling funny! I'm talking rolling around on the floor, can't breath I'm gasping for air, tears streaming down my face funny! Hubs thinks I'm weird...

P.S. Dad aka Papi, you may have won the battle of a fake x-mas tree this year with the excuse of we're not coming home so what's the point... but we WILL have a REAL ONE next year, you best believe!

***Today I am thankful this little flower market... it has truly made each and every Sunday extra special***


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