A Lovely Week 12.21.12


1. our little wreath 2. petunia the x-mas pig 3. twinkling lights 4. across the pond care package! 5. love me some fair food! 6. winter festival date with hubs 7. good old carousel 8. x-mas tree on southbank 9. candycanes in a jar decor 10. my little american helpers 11. getting crafty 12. pink polka-dots & pom-poms 13. gift shopping at liberty 14. dazzling window displays 15. golden garlands 16. carnaby all decked out! 17. buses & lights 18. dangling stars 19. william & kate 20. the queen

Well that the world is ending today... so I've heard. It really doesn't get much more awkward than that so listing anything else seems pretty pointless...

The way I'm going to spend my last day on Earth... definitely not on here so laters!

***Today I am thankful for everything... jut in case!***


  1. Looks magical!! I love the lights and atmosphere this time of year brings. You two are the cutest! Have a beautiful Christmas!

    1. Isn't it just the most beautifully decorated time of the year Anna? I feel like everyone takes part, no matter where in the world you go. Just lovely and thanks! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too. -jb.

  2. I totally agree with what you have said!!



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