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It's almost the new year guys!!! 2012... how did you ever so sneakily pass us by and so quickly too?!? I don't know about you guys, but this past year was a toughie and I am ready for a fresh start. But because I do believe wholeheartedly that everything happens for a reason and that sometimes the toughest lessons are learned the hard way, it's good to look back and also remember the good times. It is so easy to be consumed on focusing on the bad... the negatives... the things that didn't or couldn't or shouldn't have happened... but what's the point? My theory on all this, learn from it and move on. So for today's link love, I thought it would be fun to reflect back on this here little blog and highlight some of my favorite posts from 2012... enjoy!

The celebration of my blog's one year... silly maybe, but I felt s proud!

Those glittery nails for Valentine's that everyone loved so much... just sprinkle loose glitter...

Sharing all of our wedding details with you all... which reminds me, I never finished...

Celebrating this guy's birthday... and then a few months later, my own...

Snowboarding for the very first time... and actually liking it AND not being too bad at it!

Probably the most honest and open I have ever been on here... in happy birthday london...

I traveled with the excuse to run three half marathons... hello Berlin, Royal Parks, and Amsterdam!

So I was an extra in one of hub's ads over here... the Greene King IPA ad to be exact...

Discovering the awe inspiring Amanda Pratt and her dreamy photography... le sigh...

A chance to finally experience the Tweed Run in person... it was fantastic!

Over the moon at finding this new artist... have a listen to Gabrielle Alpin guys...

My first attempt at movie making magic... and a new way to capture memories...

Sharing  snippets of our home in little treasures... turned our house into a home...

The launching of Chi.qui.ti.tos... my other blog about anything kid's fashion and lifestyle related...

Reuniting with the family to celebrate little k's graduation... oh so proud!

Getting all crafty for the fourth of July with some classic coca-cola... thirst quencher indeed...

So proud of hubs and his launching of The Profile Picture Exhibition... hurry and check it out!

We reached the cotton bench mark in our marriage... Happy two years hubs!

I became a little obsessed with pumpkins... and thus the pumpkin series was born...

Being inspired to make my own wrapping paper this Xmas... with a few of my favorite things...

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***Today I am thankful for you dear readers... thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along!***


Recipe: Candy Cane Stirrers


Want to know how to make a hot chocolate even better?!? Hard, I know... but it can be done. Check out these wonderfully festive candy cane marshmallow stirrers I whipped up for the Beales... amazing or what! They were so easy to make and were just perfect for the hot chocolate bar I set up... you know, bringing a little American tradition across the pond. I especially loved adding the edible glitter because it made the crushed candy cane glisten like X-mas baubles! Hang one of these goodies off of your favorite mug and enjoy a minty sweet treat. I am delighted to report that they went down swimmingly! Oh and want to know how to make your hot chocolate even better?!? You must think it's impossible... but alas, I have found a way again! Just add your favorite liquor (I chose an Irish cream) and some miniature marshmallows on top... followed by a sprinkling of more crushed candy cane. You are welcome!

She Knows Recipe (which I adjusted), makes 12 stirrers

  • 12 large marshmallows
  • 12 candy canes
  • dark chocolate bar
  • 1/2 cup crushed candy canes
  • edible glitter
  • Crush about 1/2 cup of candy canes in a bowl and add in as much edible glitter as you'd like. Set aside.
  • Push a candy cane into the center of each marshmallow. Don't worry about going through, the chocolate will cover it!
  • In a sauce pan, melt the dark chocolate bar. I only used about half of the bar... and ate the other half...
  • Once the dark chocolate is melted, dip your marshmallow in. Be careful not to leave the marshmallow in too long or they will melt.
  • Sprinkle the crushed candy cane + edible glitter mixture onto the dipped candy cane before the chocolate dries. It happens pretty fast so you gotta be quick!
  • Set on a plate and let them dry for at least an hour... enjoy in a hot chocolate for a minty experience!
***Today I am thankful for candy canes... they really do make the season I think***


A Lovely Week 12.28.12


1. a little princess in the making 2. this years xmas scene 3. getting festive! 4. anything for smiles 5. painting my nails 6. putting on some lipstick 7. sisterly love 8. it's snow!!! 9. homemade wrapping 10. santa knows i don't like tea 11. his & hers xmas sweaters 12. traditional xmas paper crowns 13. xmas crackers 14. a very british xmas! 15. cheese time 16. game night at the beales 17. girl & her baby 18. bright yellow doors 19. sorry we're closed 20. mum i can scooter!

Having hub's ex-girlfriend come up to me at the local pub... when we've never really met before... oh did I mention he was at the bar buying drinks! But it gets much more awkward my friends, much more! Her standing in front of me for what felt like forever before she finally started talking was kind of awkward... her telling me that she follows hubs on facebook and thanking me over and over again for making him happy was kind of awkward... and her pulling me into a hug that again felt like it lasted forever... TWICE... was definitely awkward. It is safe to say that this could have possibly taken the cake on most awkward moments in my life to date... and for once, it wasn't me being the awkward one... but it was just as painful non the less...

Being home with my British family for my very first British X-mas is pretty awesome! Taking in all the new traditions... all of the food (it's been non stop eating!)... all of the drinking (it's been non stop drinking too!)... man I'm going to need some recovery days once the new year rolls around... Eating X-mas dinner leftovers for the last four days... Getting to catch up with everyone and playing with my lovely nieces everyday... you know, practicing for when that day comes! Realizing X-mas morning that hubs and I had gotten each other some pretty sweet sweaters... yep, this is lasting love folks! X-mas pudding... branston pickles... mince pies... pigs in a blanket... mulled wine... in no specific order... Game nights that include cheese, wine, and grapes are always a favorite of mine... Making fake snow for the nieces and watching their reactions... to say it was a hit is an understatement!

***Today I am thankful for the chance to enjoy in some new traditions with my British family... let the good times roll on!***


This Girl...


is a world traveling... Taboo smashing... sentence finishing... book loving... big sister lecturing... huge heart carrying... whiskey drinking... Harvard graduating... animal rescuing... shower singing... bike riding... all night dancing... law enforcing... 23 turning... best friend of a sister! And these are just a few of the things that make her so unbelievably special... and make me so happy and proud to be her big sis.

Happy birthday little k!

***Today I am thankful for you little sis... man did I get lucky!***


Merry Christmas!


***Today I am thankful for the roof above our heads, the food on our plates, and the family, both near and far that we are fortunate to have in our lives...***


A Few Of My Favorite Things...


Neon pink polka-dots... brown paper packages... pom-poms... and twine bows...

These are a few of my favorite things...

Happy Holidays everyone!


Link Love 12.23.12


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By the time you read this... no matter where you are in the world... it will be two sleeps until X-mas!!! And that is exactly what I keep telling the British nieces to keep them from opening all the
presents under the tree. So this is my first X-mas away from home ever and let me tell you...  I was nervous as ever! I think the combination of being really close to my immediate family (there's only four of us) and the fact that I've been living in England and so I haven't been able to see my family as often as I'm used to, I really thought the holidays would be hard for me. And don't get me wrong, I have teared up a few times already... like wrapping gifts without my mom (a tradition) but I am so fortunate that my married into family aka the Beales, are amazing!!! And so I am embracing the holidays... new traditions and all... and can't wait to share some of my own with my fellow Brits. Stick around to see how I... little Jackie B. tackle on the holidays... with a bit of Hispanic/American flair and all!

This week's favorite little thing of mine is... just hits the spot, you know?

I'll always be a Florida girl at heart... so this necklace is just perfect!

Possibly the best holiday card ever... except instead of a card, it's a video, and it's hilarious...

Ever wonder if you have a doppelganger... than you'll love this I'm Not A Look-Alike project!

Who doesn't like a good bloody mary... excited to try this recipe!

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***Today I am thankful for family at the holidays... especially the married into kind that are super great for my first time away from my family at the holidays!*** 


My Leather Skirt...


glasses: spex in the city | cardigan: express | turtleneck: express | skirt: madewell | tights: m & s | heels: mossimo | purse: hype | watch: michael kors | bracelet: mint julep


A Lovely Week 12.21.12


1. our little wreath 2. petunia the x-mas pig 3. twinkling lights 4. across the pond care package! 5. love me some fair food! 6. winter festival date with hubs 7. good old carousel 8. x-mas tree on southbank 9. candycanes in a jar decor 10. my little american helpers 11. getting crafty 12. pink polka-dots & pom-poms 13. gift shopping at liberty 14. dazzling window displays 15. golden garlands 16. carnaby all decked out! 17. buses & lights 18. dangling stars 19. william & kate 20. the queen

Well that the world is ending today... so I've heard. It really doesn't get much more awkward than that so listing anything else seems pretty pointless...

The way I'm going to spend my last day on Earth... definitely not on here so laters!

***Today I am thankful for everything... jut in case!***


The Winter Festival...


Did you make it all the way through the pictures? And you're still interested in what I have to say?? Really??? Well go you and thanks a bunch! Sorry for the overload but this is actually edited down if you can believe me... sometimes I get a little carried away with my photo taking. But it's all memories so who cares... the more the merrier!

Well this was hubs and I's date at The Winter Festival here on Southbank this past Sunday. Apparently it happens every year and last year we totally missed it... I was so bummed about it... I mean how could we miss something so cool happening right outside our doorstep... almost literally! Well, not this year, oh no! I made sure of it and I am so happy I did too! If you are local, you really should try and get down there before the holidays are over. It's so magical... they have completely transformed Southbank into a winter wonderland, complete with wooden market stalls, fair style food, and a carousel. X-mas lights twinkle in the trees while buskers are still out and about doing their thing... reminding you that you are indeed still in London. Under the watchful eye of Big Ben and the London Eye, hubs and I ventured from stall to stall... ooohing and ahhhing at all the goodies... all the while sipping on mulled wine. We might have picked up a few gifts and taken a spin on a horse or two. I can confirm that some roasted chestnuts were devoured (very British apparently!)... some cool skateboarders were spotted... and hubs even declared his love for me in the form of graffiti chalk! All and all, it was the perfect date!

***Today I am thankful for this little winter festival... I think missing it last year made it all the more fun this year!***

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