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Hello friends. As some of you may know, hubs and I celebrated our two year mark of marital bliss on Wednesday! Things that I look forward to each and every year (yes I know it's only been two but still) are the following: 1. love declarations popping up as our facebook statuses with extra mush for just the occasion... usually accompanied by a couples profile picture of some sort 2. having our traditional curry date where I'm guaranteed to be be asked where in India I'm from... for the record, I'm not, I'm a Hispanic-American, and 3. abiding by the traditional wedding anniversary gift guidelines for all pressies... ever the fun challenge and yes I fully enforce it! This year's material of choice was cotton... an easy one at first glance... but then take into account that the gift had to be (by my rules) 100% cotton, and well... then things got a little bit trickier. You would be surprised at how many things are cotton blends (sorry, that's the designer geek in me)... and poor hubs didn't even realize that he was looking at things that weren't made of cotton, but wool instead. "What's the difference" he so cutely asked... to which I replied "cotton comes from a plant and is softer, wool comes from a sheep and scratchier" and this is what lead him to doing a rub test to all kinds of potential gifts. 

I thought it would be fun to put together a little man gift guide to cotton... for obvious reasons I couldn't post prior to our anniversary (hello stripe shirt that I got in navy!) My goal was to find 100% cotton items that would be just as practical as they were stylish... gifts that hubs would actually use and enjoy. Some of these items were a little over our agreed price budget... (hubs I do wish I could have gotten them all for you as you definitely deserve them!) but a girl can pretend. And as for hubs, well I was a little skeptical seeing as he didn't even know what exactly was cotton or how to check if if an item was a blend... but you know what? My man did good! He absolutely nailed the gift challenge for the second year in a row... 100% cotton, cute, and totally me! I'll have to do a style shoot to show off my cotton for you all... until then!

P.S. yes I got my man a bouquet... if ever there was a more appropriate man flower, cotton buds would be it!

1. gifts & a cotton bouquet 2. strictly cotton gift rule 3. celebrating with curry at tayyabs 4. snail mail from across the pond (thanks parents!)

***Today I am thankful for love... cheesiest of cheeses I know, but it's fact, all you need is love!***



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