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So I may be developing a small little hoarding problem... hoarding of pumpkins that is! Yes I'm that lady you see at the grocery with a shopping basket shamelessly full of all the left over pumpkins... the big ones... the little ones... the orange, green, yellow, and white ones (yep I scored I white beauty!) And the fact that most are now on clearance does not by any means help my problem, rather it helps me justify that I am actually saving money while saving the pumpkins too! I mean can you imagine what their future would be like without me... ending their days in a garbage bin somewhere?!? Instead I take them home with me... and yes hubs, I really do need five more...

This week's favorite little thing of mine is...not going to lie, I love it every.single.time!

Love this idea for a couples costume... plus this nifty diy face mask is just too darn cute... 

A little dry shampoo trick for you... tried and it works like a charm!

Such a cool way to customize your totes... a diy photo transfer tutorial...

Not sure what I love more, the name or how easy of a dyi it is... ahem, the man throw...

Amazing paintings... and all done on the face of a penny!

Man I just love this girl's style... note to self, get red pants pronto...

How sweet is this homemade memory game... I love the idea of using personal pictures...

It's also soup and bread season which I couldn't be happier about... spicy chipotle sweet potato yum! 

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***Today I am thankful for pumpkins... big, small, orange, green or white!***


  1. Hey!
    Lovely blog <3
    You're so cute!
    Check out my blog sometime if you want :)

  2. Hi Aimerose! Many thanks and am on my way to check out your blog! -jb.



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