Be Art: First 1,000 & Great Coffee


With my new found love for both coffee and art, when I heard The Profile Picture Exhibition was showcasing it's First 1000 exhibit in a coffee shop, I nearly jumped with joy! I had heard quite a buzz already about the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs but now had a legitimate reason (as if I needed one really) to stop on by. When I walked in I was instantly blown away by the large scale art murals that made such a nice contrast against all the bare brick walls. Such an inviting smell of roasting coffee beans circled about while some lovely tunes firmly placed this coffee shop heaps above any other I've been to in London so far... yep the whole vibe was just that good! And to make this trip even better, I had planned to meet K for some long overdue tlc.

The service was super friendly and they even humored us while K mentioned that the The Profile Picture Exhibition in the back was actually co-founded by hubs... and then again when I asked if they had their playlists available to download... seriously, it was that good! Sadly, they do not, though I did suggest they do so and pronto! We ordered chocolate croissants (which were average) and delicious lattes (that they brought to the table) and indulged! I have to say the latte was one of the best I have had so far, perfect temperature, rich and creamy, with a decorative leaf that made me almost not want to drink of fear of ruining it... almost! They had a pretty good assortment of sandwiches which I will have to go back for a taste and their flat white has also been highly recommended to me.

Alright so what about the exhibit? After our mid day snack and chat session, K and I got down to business! If you remember, I blogged about their First 500 exhibit which took place in Shoreditch in celebration of the group reaching 500 likes on facebook. As you can probably guess, this one was dedicated to the first 1,000 fans. The exhibit so far has been extremely well received (partially thanks to their fantastic location!) and catapulted them nationally, reaching over 4,000 likes to date! You can join in on the fun by liking and sharing their facebook page... and soon, you too may be adorning some very cool places in London!

In honor of the first 1,000 the group compiled each and every one of their facebook profile pictures into five prints consisting of 200, and one print with all 1,000 tiny tiles! It's so much fun to look through them and spot friends and family members that have jumped on the bandwagon unknowingly to me. These limited edition prints are also up for auction so make sure to check out their facebook page for details.

I would highly recommend this place... encourage it even, for anyone that's a coffee and art junkie like me. And if you hurry down this week, you'll also be able to catch The Profile Picture Exhibition so it's a no brainer really!

price: £ pretty well priced for what we had considering location and quality
food: *** I only had a chocolate croissant which was average but the sandwiches looked and cakes looked to die for
beverage: ***** amazing taste with great barista art
service: ***** amicable and they bring the coffee to your table
vibe:***** where great art meets delicious coffee! 

***Today I am thankful for art, coffee, and friends... predictable I know but I'm just that east to please!***


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