A Lovely Week 11.2.12


1. homeward bound 2. face in my hot chocolate! 3. lost in the leaves 4. happy the seasons are changing 5. donut hole & milk snack 6. homemade curry by hubs 7. picked up these two last month 8. me & my bling! 9. makes me so unbelievably happy 10. coffee date at department of coffee & social affairs 11. the first 1,000 exhibit 12. have you liked the profile picture exhibition yet? 13. shocking C is pretty priceless 14. happy b.day! 15. just another tuesday night with the crew 16. halloween sweets from america thanks to S 17. his & hers pumpkin beers 18. euston tap to the rescue on halloween 19. almost two years 20. i voted!

Well I'm pretty sure hanging around a foreign airport for nearly an entire day can count as awkward... as does paying the most ridiculous price ever for wi-fi access... but I had no other way of entertaining myself and their bookstore only had things in Dutch so you know... Catching a cold (I know, again!!!) literally as soon as I came back into the country... I'm starting think maybe it's just my body's way of saying "hey this ain't working, lets go back to NYC pronto!" I promise I never used to be this sickly back state side... and I am devouring vitamins like no one's business too! Having Halloween of all seasons make me feel really, really homesick! Not to knock the festivities or anything, but I just wasn't expecting pumpkins... or lack there of... to trigger this! It's not like I even liked pumpkin when I had an abundance of it and now I can't get enough! On that note, I seem to be drawn to all kinds of junkie American treats and sweets lately... all of which I didn't particularity care for either back home... it's like all of a sudden I'm eating for comfort and so my taste-buds don't actually taste what I'm ingesting... le sigh. That as winter rolls around, I find myself not knowing how to dress and feel like I have no appropriate winter gear... which is just ridiculous seeing as I just spent the last three years in NYC where it is way chillier... can brain farts last for seasons?

Traveling for running! I mean I never got it... until I started doing it myself... and now I'm like "why wouldn't you travel abroad to run through a new country?" It's the only way really... Driving hubs crazy with my obsessive search for all things Halloween, pumpkin, and American... well that one is probably only awesome for me but whatevers! The leaves changing finally! At least that can help inject some color into an otherwise dull and grey London that is this time of year... oh and did I mention wet? Autumn cleaning... like Spring cleaning... only in Autumn... and yes I think it's pretty awesome! Feeling the weight of all my medals as they hang around my neck... it's getting quite heavy and I want more! Slightly addicted? Possibly... but hey at least it's to running and bling, could be worse... Discovering another great coffee shop that is also covered in art, plays music with banjos in it, and also happens to be hosting the first 1,000 Profile Picture Exhibition this week... I can die happy now... Happy b.day Mr. C... most awesome person I have met in London thus far and he knows why... The Halloween package I got via snail mail courtesy of S complete with every sugary coated, orange, yellow, and black American treat you can possibly think of... I may not even share with hubs... Introducing hubs (after an extensive search) to pumpkin beer... only to find out later he's never actually had pumpkin so he's not sure what the beer should taste like... baffled! Counting down the days to two years... and doing my part and sending off my vote!

***Today I am thankful for all of the above really... my heart feels happy! ***


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