Tuesday Tunes: Outkast Clip


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I'm still pretty tired from this Sunday's half marathon so I'm keeping this post light and sweet... basically my running playlist is a mish-mash of songs that for one reason or another help me keep motivated through my runs. Some are cheesy, upbeat pop songs... some are catchy hip hop songs... and then there's OutKast... which came on just as the finish line came into view. And no other song but Hey Ya! could have kept me going at that point in time... You guys remember the song right?!? Shake it like a polaroid picture (which you aren't actually supposed to shake, apparently it's bad for it!)... awe, so many memories!

hey ya! clip
*Click through to the blog to view actual clip... 

***Today I am thankful for the catchy beats and lighthearted lyrics of OutKast... that literally carried me across the finish line***


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