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I know... it's technically not Tuesday but Halloween just doesn't feel quite right without a little Thriller you know... that and some pumpkin beer which I am on a massive hunt for right now in London. Any local followers that know of places serving said beverage, please let me know! So this year is a bitter-sweet Halloween for me... due to lack or preparation, travel, sickness, and disorganization (all on my behalf mind you) Halloween is here and it's happening and I have no costume or plans for that matter! It's actually quite sad for me... my first year EVER not going all out in costume and celebrations. Sigh I guess this is what being an old adult feels like... hence the desperate search for at least a little spirit in the form of pumpkin beer... not to much to ask for right London?!? Anyways, I refuse to be a boring, old, or even an adult for that matter and so next year, I will get my act together and gosh darn it, we will dress up! Enjoy your festivities lovelies!

thriller clip:

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***Today I am thankful for the pumpkin beer (hopefully, fingers crossed!) that I will be sipping on later to feel less grown up and more Halloweeny!***


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