Four Simple Goals...


Over on A Beautiful Mess, Elsie came up with a great idea... making four simple and realistic goals to accomplish by the end of the year. As soon as I read her post, I knew I wanted to do the same! I'm pretty bad when it comes to making goals and resolutions... well actually I'm not... I'm brilliant at that part... it's the keeping them that's the hard part! And like she mentions, I can be a bit hard on myself when I don't succeed with them. That's why her version of choosing ones that make you happy and aren't too hard is just what I need to wrap this year up on a high note. So I chose the following little goals to make the rest of 2012 a slightly more enjoyable one...

1. Read my magazines... Every month I buy a few magazines... fashion (women and children) ones... design and decor ones... running ones... I start them with such a good intentions and without fail, never finish them! I want to really try and make it a point to take a weekend to myself and actually enjoy reading my magazines with a good cup of coffee. And what's more, I want to start creating inspiration boards from magazine tears that really speak to me. I figure surrounding myself with things that inspire and motivate me will help in sparking daily creativity.

2. Stretch daily... I know it sounds simple... and in reality it is... it's just taking the time to actually do it. I feel so much better physically and mentally when I take the time to stretch each morning and meditate quietly before starting the daily grind. It's a nice little me time that I get to reflect, think my thoughts, or just enjoy absolute silence. Why I don't just get into the habit of doing it routinely like I do with brushing my teeth is a good question. Probably because it requires waking up earlier but no matter, I will do it!

3. Draw more... For me drawing is like running... a lot of effort to start... I procrastinate to no end... and I over think it like you wouldn't imagine! Yet once I start, I'm so in the zone that I lose track of everything (I mean even hunger!) and I feel so happy. This another one of those "if it feels so good, why do I take so long to just do it?" and the truth is, I don't know... one of those mysteries of the world I suppose. So I want to try and make it more a part of my general routine... drawing by any medium available.

4. Make pumpkiny things... The pumpkin flavor is not one that I have always liked... in fact it was only this year that I decided to give it a chance again in a latte form... and I loved it! I have to admit, being homesick during this Fall season is what led me to trying something I never even glanced at twice while home! Funny isn't it? And now that I've discovered how good it tastes, I'm determined to try all kinds of new recipes that include pumpkin and I'm pretty excited about it!

So those are mine... simple enough and easy to do... things that will bring more happiness to my life. I am really going to try and incorporate them into the rest of the year and I'll definitely be sharing along the way. Feel free to join in by coming up with some of your own goals and leave a link in the comments so I can read yours!

***Today I am thankful for Elsie's post... it may sound silly but it's true and very excited about this!***


  1. Indeed. Those are simple yet if one will be happy, then one should do those.

    Have fun!

    1. My thoughts exactly Marinella! It's about striving to be happy. -jb.



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