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Have you guys heard of The Profile Picture Exhibition yet? It's this great new project that hubs and his co-worker dreamed up one random night (probably over pints to be honest) and decided to make happen! The over all gist of it is making art more relevant to today's youth. Let's face it, museums can sometimes be a bit stuffy... especially one's filled with portraits of people expected to hide all emotion... major snooze fest! But what if some of the world's key art galleries featured portraits of people like you and me? Profile pictures are known universally to be a unique and quirky representation of what you want the world to see you as. I know I would love to see an exhibit filled with stranger's best profile pictures... the good... the bad... the ridiculously silly! It would be the ultimate way to people watch... can you imagine?!?

So how are they making this happen? It's actually quite simple, just like the facebook profile page here and make sure to share it. The goal is to reach at least a million likes (intimidating I know!) and then the profile pictures of everyone that liked the facebook page will be displayed in museums such as the National Portrait Gallery, the Met, and the Louvre. Pretty cool hu? So help them out by liking and sharing... that way we can all stand around sipping champagne while admiring portraits as they are today!

The Profile Picture Exhibition

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***Today I am thankful for profile pictures... I know I'm always excited to update mine ***


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