Amsterdam In Pictures...


Here is a glimpse (quite a long one, I know!) into this past weekend in Amsterdam. And yes, this is the condensed version... and man was it hard to chose pictures to share! To sum it all up... Amsterdam, you have stolen my heart and I can't wait to come visit you again! And this time I will brave riding a bicycle without fear of injury before a race as I've heard (and witnessed) it is the only way to really discover this special little city. I could go on and on but my ramblings won't make much sense as I am still a bit groggy and filled with cold medicine. Best let the pictures do the talking as I lay my head down and drift off back to Amsterdam...

***Today I am thankful for the chance to run through Amsterdam... what a visually stunning city!***


  1. Looks fascinating to me! I hope you had a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing a peek! x

    1. Oh Anna it was such a beautiful city in all aspects! Stole my heart and am already anticipating going back. -jb.



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