A Lovely Week 10.5.12


1. comfy to the max 2. his & hers rejection jackets 3. love street performers 4. columbia road flower market beauties 5. latte stop at the grocery 6. bubble lady street art 7. locks of love 8. flower market goodies 9. ten miler done 10. tower of london bridge finish line 11. running rules my life 12. blue men 13. autumn on my desk 14. coffee table goodies 15. a much appreciated thank you card 16. it's the little things 17. hello october 18. one heart for each of my loves state side 19. sparkle on my bling finger 20. snuggle time!

The weather changing... it's all over the place! Let's just say that hand sanitizer, tissues, hand lotion, an umbrella, and a scarf now have permanent residence in my purse... On that note, our flat being so cold because our heater broke last winter (don't worry, we got a new one!) that I've actually been wearing a hoodie and scarf indoors... and sometimes to bed... Of course then hubs cuddles me and he gives off so much heat that he could basically be a radiator himself and I end up having to strip layers off in the night... The mixed emotions in getting our rejection jackets for the marathon... on the one hand I felt slightly relived... but then at the same time slightly disappointed! I'm still toying with the idea of applying to run through a charity so stay tuned... Doing our (hubs & I) Sunday date routine without hubs... it was fun but I being able to share it with him better... Oh and staying alone in our flat for the very first time while hubs was away for work... I've been on my own before but somehow it felt different this time... it was nice for a little while to do all the girly things... nails, face mask, bake, watch New Girl... but I really did miss him and am much happier now that he's back!

Trying a pumpkin spice latte for the first time (I know, shame on me!) and loving it! A happy coincidence that they just came out in London too... Pretty much all things Fall... I am obsessed with over sized sweaters and boots... embracing all of the seasonal treats... and indulging in things like flowers and mini pumpkins! Spotting the chain link fence with locks of love near our flat... definitely will be adding our lock soon... and of course documenting it you all can enjoy! Finishing a ten mile run with V... the going got tough towards the end and I am so thankful V was there to push me on... I have never more happy to see that bridge in my life! Rearranging the flat... which is funny because once I find a spot for things, I'm usually reluctant to move it around but I've just had this urge for change lately and so I'm going with it... And this of course led to some seasonal decorating... with fresh flowers, mini pumpkins, candles... and I'm seeing a possible wreath in the future too! Back to back skype dates with the parents and little k... its had been a while and it was so nice to see their smiling faces and catch up! Sometimes I don't realize how much I miss them until I talk to them... but I found the lovely necklace above with the three little hearts... one for each of them... that I wear so they can be close to my heart...

***Today I am thankful for the little things... sometimes they are all that really count ***


  1. Loveeee these instagram photos! <3



    1. Awe thank-you Bonnie! Means a lot, especially coming from you! -jb.



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