A Lovely Week 10.12.12


1. best housewife purchase ever! 2.carb loading 3. royal parks half 4. time for a new pair 5. me and my maxi 6. it's beginning to look like Fall 7.the return of tuesday nights 8. scenes from an evening run 9. feeling like the sleepy one 10. the first 500  11. some yummy berry parfait 12. rainbow slice 13. red coat + cheetah print tights 14. color makes me happy 15. loving this at junior style sale 16. new street art spotted 17. turned around and found this guy 18. obsessed with this kitty 19. going up? 20. or going down?

When the highlight of your grocery trip is splurging on new gloves... the washing up kind... and yes they are totally worth that extra pound (dollar)... When you can justify a regular meal and portion as "carb loading"... as if I wouldn't be eating the exact same meal regardless of a race the next day! Um... miles 6-13... oh yea and that .1 was a real killer if you know what I men... Posing by the canal for a style shoot and nearly falling in... with those walking by noticing (hiding in my maxi)... Going through most of Thursday thinking it's Monday... because for me it was since I had to get up before the sun and that just never happens as a free lancer...Oh and having my new boss tell me it's not Monday... good at managing schedule, em fail! Being slightly obsessed with psychedelic space kitties and glass elevators... true story!

Finishing one of my hardest races so far... and I mean running the whole thing even when every inch of my body was screaming at me to stop... Seeing the seasons finally start to change... So at least their is ome beauty to appreciate along with chill and rain... Going back to Run Dew Crew after a very absent (on my part) season...it felt great to be back among friends! Loads of new graffiti spotting... which you know makes this girl very happy! Starting a new placement at M & S... and this time it's in kidswear which I love! I feel like I'm back in my element and very pleased to be surrounded by adorable tiny garments... Playing pretend dress up for future baby boy Beale with all the cute Autumn clothes at a pop-up event I'm working... cozy knit jumpers (sweaters) and colored skinny cords... and yep I'm leaning towards boy stuff I know!

***Today I am thankful for a lot,... too much to write down right now really***



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