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I know... it's technically not Tuesday but Halloween just doesn't feel quite right without a little Thriller you know... that and some pumpkin beer which I am on a massive hunt for right now in London. Any local followers that know of places serving said beverage, please let me know! So this year is a bitter-sweet Halloween for me... due to lack or preparation, travel, sickness, and disorganization (all on my behalf mind you) Halloween is here and it's happening and I have no costume or plans for that matter! It's actually quite sad for me... my first year EVER not going all out in costume and celebrations. Sigh I guess this is what being an old adult feels like... hence the desperate search for at least a little spirit in the form of pumpkin beer... not to much to ask for right London?!? Anyways, I refuse to be a boring, old, or even an adult for that matter and so next year, I will get my act together and gosh darn it, we will dress up! Enjoy your festivities lovelies!

thriller clip:

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***Today I am thankful for the pumpkin beer (hopefully, fingers crossed!) that I will be sipping on later to feel less grown up and more Halloweeny!***


Amsterdam In Pictures...


Here is a glimpse (quite a long one, I know!) into this past weekend in Amsterdam. And yes, this is the condensed version... and man was it hard to chose pictures to share! To sum it all up... Amsterdam, you have stolen my heart and I can't wait to come visit you again! And this time I will brave riding a bicycle without fear of injury before a race as I've heard (and witnessed) it is the only way to really discover this special little city. I could go on and on but my ramblings won't make much sense as I am still a bit groggy and filled with cold medicine. Best let the pictures do the talking as I lay my head down and drift off back to Amsterdam...

***Today I am thankful for the chance to run through Amsterdam... what a visually stunning city!***


Hold On To That Feeling...


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Right now I am sitting in bed feeling very sorry for myself...where I have been for most of the day... with every muscle in my body aching due to fever and a cold (not to mention some serious muscle soreness!) You see I went to Amsterdam this weekend... to run the half marathon... and also to party with my running crew. And while I did both, I did each to the extreme... and am now paying for it! So please excuse me while I wallow in my own pity party today. As I look back on pictures like the one above, I am desperately trying to hold on to that feeling instead of focusing on how I'm feeling right now because let's face it... it was worth it! And don't fret, a race report and Amsterdam in pictures will be coming as soon as I get my head out from behind tissues just long enough...

P.S. I may or may not have also been wearing my medal in bed all day today... whatever works!

***Today I am thankful for Amsterdam... what a city!***


Four Simple Goals...


Over on A Beautiful Mess, Elsie came up with a great idea... making four simple and realistic goals to accomplish by the end of the year. As soon as I read her post, I knew I wanted to do the same! I'm pretty bad when it comes to making goals and resolutions... well actually I'm not... I'm brilliant at that part... it's the keeping them that's the hard part! And like she mentions, I can be a bit hard on myself when I don't succeed with them. That's why her version of choosing ones that make you happy and aren't too hard is just what I need to wrap this year up on a high note. So I chose the following little goals to make the rest of 2012 a slightly more enjoyable one...

1. Read my magazines... Every month I buy a few magazines... fashion (women and children) ones... design and decor ones... running ones... I start them with such a good intentions and without fail, never finish them! I want to really try and make it a point to take a weekend to myself and actually enjoy reading my magazines with a good cup of coffee. And what's more, I want to start creating inspiration boards from magazine tears that really speak to me. I figure surrounding myself with things that inspire and motivate me will help in sparking daily creativity.

2. Stretch daily... I know it sounds simple... and in reality it is... it's just taking the time to actually do it. I feel so much better physically and mentally when I take the time to stretch each morning and meditate quietly before starting the daily grind. It's a nice little me time that I get to reflect, think my thoughts, or just enjoy absolute silence. Why I don't just get into the habit of doing it routinely like I do with brushing my teeth is a good question. Probably because it requires waking up earlier but no matter, I will do it!

3. Draw more... For me drawing is like running... a lot of effort to start... I procrastinate to no end... and I over think it like you wouldn't imagine! Yet once I start, I'm so in the zone that I lose track of everything (I mean even hunger!) and I feel so happy. This another one of those "if it feels so good, why do I take so long to just do it?" and the truth is, I don't know... one of those mysteries of the world I suppose. So I want to try and make it more a part of my general routine... drawing by any medium available.

4. Make pumpkiny things... The pumpkin flavor is not one that I have always liked... in fact it was only this year that I decided to give it a chance again in a latte form... and I loved it! I have to admit, being homesick during this Fall season is what led me to trying something I never even glanced at twice while home! Funny isn't it? And now that I've discovered how good it tastes, I'm determined to try all kinds of new recipes that include pumpkin and I'm pretty excited about it!

So those are mine... simple enough and easy to do... things that will bring more happiness to my life. I am really going to try and incorporate them into the rest of the year and I'll definitely be sharing along the way. Feel free to join in by coming up with some of your own goals and leave a link in the comments so I can read yours!

***Today I am thankful for Elsie's post... it may sound silly but it's true and very excited about this!***


Tuesday Tunes: Mumford & Sons


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I just found out about these guys... a little late on the bandwagon I know... and get this, hubs knew about them and didn't bother to share! It's like he didn't want me to join him in the cool status or something... But it must have been meant to be because I heard them anyways and instantly fell in love! Without further ado, here is Mumford & Sons... enjoy!

my fave 10...
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***Today I am thankful for yet another banjo playing, upright bass strumming, mandolin plucking band... they just steal my heart!***


Link Love 10.14.12


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So it's safe to say that it is officially Autumn... the cold is here... it is settling in... and staying for what will probably be a long while. In a way I'm actually kind of happy (someone please make note of that as I'm sure I'll be complaining in a few months). Being from Florida, it's taken me awhile but I think I may have a new found love for the colder months. I find myself rejoicing at the idea of wearing non stop chunky sweaters and boots... embracing all things pumpkin, cinnamon, and spice... and taking any opportunity to drink more than my fair share of lattes and hot chocolates. So welcome Autumn, welcome... it's about time we became friends :)

This week's favorite little thing of mine is... and I like giving them just as much!

Guess what guys... it's pie season and I'm very excited to try this brown pecan pie recipe!

Check out hub's new project... The Profile Picture Exhibition bringing your face to a museum soon...

Meet Daisy the cutest kitty ever... I spent hours looking through her pictures...

Ah the familiar sounds of falling asleep to a dvd... happens almost every time!

So it seems the best word ever is... diphthong?

Hubs and I literally sing this around the house... and roll on the floor laughing!

A great way to spruce up some old flats... color blocking fun...

New pinterest board on all of my fave films... hoping to never be at a loss as to what watch again...

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***Today I am thankful for all things that keep me warm... like coffee, fuzzy socks, and cozy scarfs***


Make Me Wanna Scream...


 hat: urban outfitters | cardigan: all son brand via urban outfitters | top: free people via century21 | jeans: 7 for all mankind | sneakers: converse | ring: thrifted

screaming men graffiti by Ben Slow | located: brick lane in london, england


A Lovely Week 10.12.12


1. best housewife purchase ever! 2.carb loading 3. royal parks half 4. time for a new pair 5. me and my maxi 6. it's beginning to look like Fall 7.the return of tuesday nights 8. scenes from an evening run 9. feeling like the sleepy one 10. the first 500  11. some yummy berry parfait 12. rainbow slice 13. red coat + cheetah print tights 14. color makes me happy 15. loving this at junior style sale 16. new street art spotted 17. turned around and found this guy 18. obsessed with this kitty 19. going up? 20. or going down?

When the highlight of your grocery trip is splurging on new gloves... the washing up kind... and yes they are totally worth that extra pound (dollar)... When you can justify a regular meal and portion as "carb loading"... as if I wouldn't be eating the exact same meal regardless of a race the next day! Um... miles 6-13... oh yea and that .1 was a real killer if you know what I men... Posing by the canal for a style shoot and nearly falling in... with those walking by noticing (hiding in my maxi)... Going through most of Thursday thinking it's Monday... because for me it was since I had to get up before the sun and that just never happens as a free lancer...Oh and having my new boss tell me it's not Monday... good at managing schedule, em fail! Being slightly obsessed with psychedelic space kitties and glass elevators... true story!

Finishing one of my hardest races so far... and I mean running the whole thing even when every inch of my body was screaming at me to stop... Seeing the seasons finally start to change... So at least their is ome beauty to appreciate along with chill and rain... Going back to Run Dew Crew after a very absent (on my part) season...it felt great to be back among friends! Loads of new graffiti spotting... which you know makes this girl very happy! Starting a new placement at M & S... and this time it's in kidswear which I love! I feel like I'm back in my element and very pleased to be surrounded by adorable tiny garments... Playing pretend dress up for future baby boy Beale with all the cute Autumn clothes at a pop-up event I'm working... cozy knit jumpers (sweaters) and colored skinny cords... and yep I'm leaning towards boy stuff I know!

***Today I am thankful for a lot,... too much to write down right now really***


Cobalt Blue Maxi...


glasses: spex in the city | top: urban outfitters | belt: target | skirt: american apparel | sandals: bakers | purse: coach | earrings: h&m | necklace: beacon's closet | watch: fossil | bracelet: thrift store

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