Last Summer Date...


After being ill and cooped up in the flat for what felt like an eternity, I am so happy that hubs and I were able to have at least one last date of the summer. We started our date with a trip to King's Cross Ice Cream Festival which involved lots of yummy sampling! And as an extra special treat, we got to see London's largest graffiti piece to date across from the train station... and you know I love me some street art!!! Other highlights included a surprise glimpse at some Olympic themed prints and my first latte in forever... oh how I missed my sweet, sweet caffeine!

We decided to walk home along the canal to enjoy the beautiful scenery and quite honestly, because I wanted to extend my outdoor time as long as possible... I wasn't too excited to go back home if you know what I mean! The canal was literally green with so much moss floating on the surface and made for some really amazing photos! Another bonus to our lovely date was stumbling onto Angel's Canal Festival (totally by surprise!) and enjoying all the live bands, shows, and stalls we came across.

We couldn't have planned it any better if we had tried! There was such a festive vibe in the air despite the grey threatening clouds... which luckily didn't rain on us... and everyone seemed as determined as us to make the most of our ending (and practically non-existent) summer. It was perfect!


  1. Oh my goodness Jackie! It looks like such an amazing time! So happy you got to have a date and hit the jackpot in beautiful sites and festivities:)
    x, Anna

  2. Oh Anna it was! And after being cooped up for so long, it was just perfect! Not gonna lie, the ice cream didn't hurt either ;) -jb.



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