A Lovely Week 9.7.12


1. hanging teddy 2. orange peels 3. snacks for two 4. olympic bicycle frames 5. king's cross ice cream festival 6. ice cream cone ice sculpture 7. dancing in the fountain 8. trying shepherd's ice cream 9. visitor 10. marks & spencer headquarters 11. coffee break on a green canal 12. pink door 13. regent's park 14. the last of summer blooms 15. union jack wenlock 16. feeding the birds 17. researching all day long 18. surrounded by color swatches 19. getting ready for nyc fashion week 20. trend spotting

Walking... for even short distances... I instantly get tired and need to take rest breaks... And let's not even get into stairs! Training for an upcoming half marathon is not going to be fun... or easy! Being able to eat just about anything now and so I do... oh the combinations would astound you... and hubs just looks at me with his "really?" face but keeps quite, bless him! I think secretly he might be scared I'll try to eat him too... Just being around people after being locked up in a dungeon for what felt like a year (ok, a bit over dramatic but that's how it felt!)... a feel a little bit edgy and have become sensitive to load noises and crowds... lucky for me I live in London where you don't get either... Being the only childless adult (and I use the term adult loosely) running around and taking pictures of these olympic mascots... thinking I might borrow a kid for the remaining ones... Being an intern again... well actually I thought it would be, but you know what, it really hasn't been and for that I am forever grateful!!!

Being well enough to venture outside the flat!!! And having a full day with hubs on our last date of the summer to celebrate... which included graffiti spotting, ice cream, lattes, and a nice long walk along the canal... my version of heaven! Oh, eating solid foods again... I don't think I have ever appreciated food as much as I do right now and I might have been trying everything in our kitchen just to test the boundaries of what my tummy could or couldn't handle... happy to report that it was a successful experiment! Starting a placement at Marks & Spencer this week and loving every second of it!!! It is so refreshing to be back in the mix of things, surrounded by like minded creative people... all with the same love for fashion as me... I can already tell it's going to be a fun time for me... Discovering some lovely sites in Regent's Park while doing the Green Discovery Trail from the Stroll series... each mascot is always a surprise and I love seeing how they designed each one to represent it's surrounding area... The unexplainable warmth (for London and this time of year) and sunshine we have been having... seems like since I dubbed last weekend as the last in summer, the weather has decided to contradict by prolonging summer just a bit... but hey, I'm not complaining one bit! Any excuse to avoid coats and boots is fine by me...

***Today I am thankful for my health... it feels good to be back!!!***


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