A Lovely Week 9.7.12


1. hanging teddy 2. orange peels 3. snacks for two 4. olympic bicycle frames 5. king's cross ice cream festival 6. ice cream cone ice sculpture 7. dancing in the fountain 8. trying shepherd's ice cream 9. visitor 10. marks & spencer headquarters 11. coffee break on a green canal 12. pink door 13. regent's park 14. the last of summer blooms 15. union jack wenlock 16. feeding the birds 17. researching all day long 18. surrounded by color swatches 19. getting ready for nyc fashion week 20. trend spotting

Walking... for even short distances... I instantly get tired and need to take rest breaks... And let's not even get into stairs! Training for an upcoming half marathon is not going to be fun... or easy! Being able to eat just about anything now and so I do... oh the combinations would astound you... and hubs just looks at me with his "really?" face but keeps quite, bless him! I think secretly he might be scared I'll try to eat him too... Just being around people after being locked up in a dungeon for what felt like a year (ok, a bit over dramatic but that's how it felt!)... a feel a little bit edgy and have become sensitive to load noises and crowds... lucky for me I live in London where you don't get either... Being the only childless adult (and I use the term adult loosely) running around and taking pictures of these olympic mascots... thinking I might borrow a kid for the remaining ones... Being an intern again... well actually I thought it would be, but you know what, it really hasn't been and for that I am forever grateful!!!

Being well enough to venture outside the flat!!! And having a full day with hubs on our last date of the summer to celebrate... which included graffiti spotting, ice cream, lattes, and a nice long walk along the canal... my version of heaven! Oh, eating solid foods again... I don't think I have ever appreciated food as much as I do right now and I might have been trying everything in our kitchen just to test the boundaries of what my tummy could or couldn't handle... happy to report that it was a successful experiment! Starting a placement at Marks & Spencer this week and loving every second of it!!! It is so refreshing to be back in the mix of things, surrounded by like minded creative people... all with the same love for fashion as me... I can already tell it's going to be a fun time for me... Discovering some lovely sites in Regent's Park while doing the Green Discovery Trail from the Stroll series... each mascot is always a surprise and I love seeing how they designed each one to represent it's surrounding area... The unexplainable warmth (for London and this time of year) and sunshine we have been having... seems like since I dubbed last weekend as the last in summer, the weather has decided to contradict by prolonging summer just a bit... but hey, I'm not complaining one bit! Any excuse to avoid coats and boots is fine by me...

***Today I am thankful for my health... it feels good to be back!!!***


Last Summer Date...


After being ill and cooped up in the flat for what felt like an eternity, I am so happy that hubs and I were able to have at least one last date of the summer. We started our date with a trip to King's Cross Ice Cream Festival which involved lots of yummy sampling! And as an extra special treat, we got to see London's largest graffiti piece to date across from the train station... and you know I love me some street art!!! Other highlights included a surprise glimpse at some Olympic themed prints and my first latte in forever... oh how I missed my sweet, sweet caffeine!

We decided to walk home along the canal to enjoy the beautiful scenery and quite honestly, because I wanted to extend my outdoor time as long as possible... I wasn't too excited to go back home if you know what I mean! The canal was literally green with so much moss floating on the surface and made for some really amazing photos! Another bonus to our lovely date was stumbling onto Angel's Canal Festival (totally by surprise!) and enjoying all the live bands, shows, and stalls we came across.

We couldn't have planned it any better if we had tried! There was such a festive vibe in the air despite the grey threatening clouds... which luckily didn't rain on us... and everyone seemed as determined as us to make the most of our ending (and practically non-existent) summer. It was perfect!


Just A Taste...


This is only a taste of our last date of the summer... hubs and I sampling ice creams at King's Cross Ice Cream Festival ... more to follow!


Tuesday Tunes: Lady Gaga


image from here

Because there are really no words to describe Lady Gaga... or perhaps words aren't the problem, but time... I will keep this one short. I heart her... true story. She motivates me in the wee hours when I'm way to close to a deadline for comfort... she cheers me on when I'm running and every inch of my body (and mind) wants to call it quits... to say I secretly fantasize about being her costume designer is an understatement... and in my eyes, the woman can do no wrong. I dare you to hear a song of hers and not bop along... I know I can't!

my fave 10:
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***Today I am thankful for Lady Gaga... cause she just freakin rocks!!!***


Squinty Eyes...

glasses: spex in the city | cardigan: minimum | top: egape | skirt: madewell | socks: gap | flats: aldo | purse: camden market | necklace: thrift store | lipstick : m.a.c.


Link Love 9.2.12


image via my pinterest
Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Hubs asked me what exactly Labor Day was and I explained it as the one last hoorah of the summer... it means a long weekend due to no work on Monday... the beginning of college football season and tailgating (go noles!)... some last minute swimming and sun soaking at the beach... and a weekend long bar b q marking the end of summer... oh how I miss the U.S.A. sometimes! Enjoy it fellow Americans because here in London, well it'll be just another day. On a brighter note, I am happy to report that I am starting to feel better... our date to the King's Cross Ice Cream Festival was a success (more to come on that later)... and it was my first trip outside of the flat in over a week! Can we say cabin fever...

This week's favorite little thing of mine is... wouldn't you agree?!?

Just discovered this song and it is on repeat... love her voice and the lyrics!

Some great style tips for different ways to wear denim... the classic autumn staple...

Campbell's soup goes hipster... with new flavors and bag packaging...
Aren't these pictures just breath taking... sunrise in Montauk sure is lovely...

I think I need one of these slate cheese boards... and probably some coasters too...

The perfect outfit for autumn... peter pan collar and all!

I have so been craving guacamole chips thanks to this recipe... need to try asap...

Another great way to use washi tape... and a plus of you are a notebook hoarder like me...

Some really good advice for beginner bloggers... everything you might be wondering and more!

***Today I am thankful for the lovely date that hubs and I had... complete with ice cream and a walk home along the river***


Gotta Be Brave...


Sometimes in life you just have to be brave... like scarf down four slices of pizza not really knowing if they will stay down but being tired of eating nothing but crackers for a week straight to care about the end results... and sometimes in life you just have to be a daredevil... like adding marshmallows to your hot chocolate... knowing that both are sure to upset my tummy but hey, I'm living on the edge baby! Here's to laughing in the face of this flu... hahaha... I am so done with you!

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