Tuesday Tunes: The 1900s


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Lately I've been grooving to The 1900s again, one of my favorite indie pop bands oozing with 70's influenced style. The Chicago based group is best known for their lead singers seductive, throaty vocals and their very complementing nostalgic sound. With a group of six on the stage, combined with tambourines, a violin, guitars, a keyboard, a base, and more depending on the song, there is always something to watch and enjoy when seeing them live. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform in NYC and it was such an amazing the experience! They have so much personality and easily engage you into each and every song... I dare you try and not bounce along! So far they have recorded four albums and each are a treat to the ear. Their songs always string together such effortless sounds, overly detailed but delicate at the same time and each sounding unique while remaining true to their sound as a whole. Whenever I'm having a stressful day, I just listen to them and honestly feel all my worries melting away... it's great! Hope they can do the same for you.

my fave 10:
The 1900s by Jackie Beale on Grooveshark
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***Today I am thankful for live gigs... when they are good, it's a memory worth experiencing***


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