South Of France: Part 1


The last two weeks, hubs and I had the best time ever camping in the south of France with the Beales. We pitched our tent (home for us and some pesky ants that kept invading) at Camp Du Domaine where the sun shined down on us the entire time... it was heavenly! Our days were filled with endless sunbathing, cold sea dips, exploring, hiking, tennis, and of course eating. Man oh man I think I probably ate my body weight and then some in French cheese, olive oil, and bread... delicious! And let's not forget the wine either... the French definitely know how to do it right! I could easily live the rest of my days in this fashion. It was great to catch up with the rest of the family (they live in south England) and to completely disconnect from the world... for a whole two weeks... eep I know! It was a little strange at first... no cell, no internet... no blogging, no instagraming... no twitter, and no facebook... but you know it what, I highly recommend everyone try this at some point, it was very refreshing and a bit liberating too! To just live life and not worry about sharing it with everyone as it happens... such a novel concept hu? But I'm back and so happy to be re-connect and sharing again so I hope you enjoy!

***Today I am thankful for all the sunshine that poured down on me while in the south of France... it was lovely***


  1. Wow! These pictures are awesome!

    1. Thanks Jessica! Trying really hard to capture the moment you know. -JB.



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