South Of France: Part 5


The town of Hyères is a lovely little place about a 35 minute drive from the campsite that we decided to explore one day. To say it was picturesque is an understatement... colorful buildings that had been faded by the sun overtime against a vibrant blue sky created the perfect backdrop for the town square. Walking through an archway led us down a winding alley lined with shops of all kinds... clothing, souvenirs, pottery, and of course food to name just a bit of what greeted us. We wandered around and I noticed that there were even smaller allies that branched off the main street, also filled with shops. We spent hours exploring and I even got up enough courage to practice my very minute French. It is customary to greet a customer when they first walk into a shop and then say good bye as they are exiting... and if you do not respond back accordingly, you are considered rude. Just remember to say bonjour and au revoir and you'll be fine... also making eye contact (at first I would nervously glance at my feet) goes a long way! We had some of the most amazing olives I have ever tasted (no seriously!) and I can almost taste them now... ridiculously soft, buttery, almost melting in my mouth... We also bought some local lavender honey, duck foie gras, and fig jam to bring back to London. I think hubs and I agree that the best souvenirs are the local specialties that you can eat! Eventually we ended up in the center, where restaurants and bars nicely had tables with umbrellas so customers could wine and dine in the gorgeous plaza. I'm so glad we got to discover this little place and am already looking forward to going back!

***Today I am thankful for colorful buildings that are faded by the sun... I think that makes them even more beautiful in my eyes***


  1. Amazing photos! By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. More info in my post here



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