South Of France: Part 4


One thing that really struck me in France was just how blue everything was... from the clear skies to the never ending sea... every shade of blue imaginable... each more lovely than the next! I think being in London for this long, I naturally expect things to be grey and so the bright blues just hypnotized me. We spent plenty of time soaking up the warm sunshine while laying out out on the sandy beaches. The beach was another great place to people watch... I loved seeing the different styles of swimsuits and towels on the shore. It's nice to see families together... children playing in the sand... groups of teenagers nervously interacting... and older ladies sunbathing topless. I noticed that the busiest times (and hardest to get towel space) were before 12pm and after 3pm... the beach literally became zoo like! When we had had enough of the beach, we would wander over to La Faviere, the neighboring town, and have some cold drinks to cool ourselves down. In town you would also find groups of older men playing Boules, a french game played with silver balls that seemed to require a lot of concentration. Oh and I also spotted some street art in the form of graffiti tiles which of course made me a very happy girl!

***Today I am thankful for bright blue skies and clear blue seas... heaven on earth indeed***


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