South Of France: Part 3


About four or five years ago (can't remember exactly as my brain is getting old!) the Beales had their annual family reunion here at Camp du Domaine... back when hubs and I were still dating. One of the best and toughest things we did on that trip was hike along the sea side cliff tops for miles in the scorching sun... it was was great! Naturally, we geared up and tackled that bad boy again... but this time older... wiser... and much better equipped with water and food. The views from almost every point (besides when I was looking down to make sure I didn't fall off of a cliff) were spectacular... just as I had remembered! The water was so clear you could see the beds of coral and rocks gathered along the coast line. I could even see the various shades of blue and turquoise blending together in the sea. Same as last time, it was ridiculously hot... and that meant all clothes but my bikini came off this time. Occasionally we would escape the heat by dipping into the icy water whenever the path lead us back to sea level... and yes, the boys did decide that jumping off cliffs into rocky water was a good idea (boys will be silly). It was definitely a challenge but it did feel good and made me feel less guilty for not having ran in a while (at least my running shoes got some use hu?). Basically it was perfect... perfect day... perfect company... perfect scenery... just perfect. And would we do it again in four (or five) years time? You bet ya!

***Today I am thankful for all the beauty in nature that I got to experience on this hike... it was breathtaking***


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