South Of France: Part 2


One of my favorite parts of our holiday was getting to explore the endless markets! It seemed like almost everyday there was a different one going on... in the sunny mid-day... in the early evening... even late into the night. I just loved walking around and getting lost for hours on end. A near by little town called Le Lavandou was hosting its weekly one and so we drove over to explore! Hubs and I had so much fun trying to read all the French labels... taking in the sweet smells of flowers and olive oil... and let's not forget people watching! Oh how I love people watching in general, and at markets... in a completely different country... well that's just taking the game to a whole new level. I like to imagine conversations (often silly and pretty ridiculous ones) between the people I am, shall we say observing. Yep, it's true... I 'll go back and forth in this imaginary dialogue based on what they look like, are dressed, and buying. Hubs thinks it's a little weird but I'm sure he really just means cute right? This particular market was filled with such vibrant colors and textures, it was so visually stimulating. How I wish I could go back now... till the next one.

***Today I am thankful for markets... so energetic and filled with lots of little treasures to be found***


  1. Oh I love this post! Looks like you had such a good time. I really love street markets!


    1. Thanks a bunch Mindy! It was so much fun and I agree, markets are the best. -JB.



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