Sick Days...


Still feeling sick as a dog over here... surviving on crackers and powerade... and quite frankly, so over it! I'm not that kind of girl... I need real food... and man I could kill for a steak right now... and some golden, buttery potatoes! It probably doesn't help that I've been pinning away all these amazing recipes and torturing myself visually with all the things I can't eat right now... so masochist of me, I know. Laying around in bed all day watching movies and taking naps is seriously overrated... especially when your body and brain feel like they've been run over by a mac truck. Anyways, enough of the rant... my brain is mush and my ramblings probably don't make much sense right now... but I'll leave you with a little tip of advice the doctor gave me on hand washing: it should take you as long as it takes to sing happy birthday... and yes, I know sing happy birthday each and every time I wash my hands...

***Today I am thankful for Julia Roberts and Renee Zellweger who have lovingly kept me company through many a chick flick this week... thanks gals!***


  1. Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear that:( Sending a prayer for a speedy recovery!



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