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This has been a long and slow week of recovery from holiday... complete with procrastination and plenty of Mad Men... so much in fact, that I have now run out of episodes to watch and have no idea how I'm going to survive until the start of season six!?! Anyone know when it is? Any who, over here in London-town, the sun has decided to bless us with some very much needed (and late but better than never right?) warmth and sunshine... post the Olympics and all! I can't help but smugly think that maybe hubs and I had something to do with it... you know, bringing it over from France and all. So I'm off to enjoy it to the fullest... with an ice coffee in hand and some sunnies on my face... Happy Sunday!

This weeks favorite little thing of mine is... that's what I'll be trying to do come October...

Beautiful travel pictures and lovely fashion on Wish Wish Wish... what more could you ask for?

Using beach volleyball photography as inspiration to shoot the other sports... um, wow!

A great tip for all you married couples out there... takes planning to a whole new level!!!

Mo Farah running away from things is a great example of things possible... all thanks to photoshop...

Everyone is a winner with these Olympic medal sugar cookies... you can wear and eat them!

Beaches from around the world... but shot from above...

A little bit creepy and weird... but isn't this youtube video also just a little bit fantastic?!?

Inspiring intensity caught on film... truly capturing three Olympic U.S. athletes in the moment!

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***Today I am thankful for the glorious warmth and sunshine that has followed us from France... thank you, thank you, than you***


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