Instagrams 8.17.12


  1. london, we're home!!! 2. olympic colors 3. treats from france 4. fave healthy snack 5. american burger courtesy of hubs 6. fun chopping! 7. mixing up some cookie dough 8. circles and stars 9. olympic medal sugar cookies

Getting back late on Saturday to a really excited and buzzing London due to the Olympics... I think with all the traveling I had forgotten that they were still going on and right in the heart of our neighborhood. Is it ok to miss cheese and olive oil as much as I do?!? I seriously feel like I'm going through withdrawals at the moment... and I may have even had some cheese dreams! Not having the sunshine and heat beaming down on me... I mean I knew this is what it would be like... coming home to London and all... and I thought I had prepared myself for it... but it's still kind of hard to adjust you know... The recovery that I soooo needed from holiday... you wouldn't think that a person that has just gotten back from vacation would need a vacation but I do... and so I've done it!

Sleeping in an actual bed... with sheets... and a pillow!!! I mean I had so much fun camping and all but there is only so long anyone could handle sleeping on a blowup mattress in a tent that got ridiculously every morning so you had to run out or be cooked alive... just saying. Being back in London again and our flat feeling like home... I just love that feeling... our home! Catching up with the world wide web... I can't pretend that I'm even nearly caught up but slowly getting there. Hubs making me a burger and then making a surprise American flag to stick in the top because he loves me... and knows how much I love my country. Trying out some new Olympic themed recipes that I dreamed up while on holiday... how can you resist Olympic Pancakes or Olympic Medal Sugar Cookies... they are so yummy and thanks to all the great responses!!!

***Today I am thankful for our little love nest... home is where the heart is and it is here!!!*** 


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