Sick Days...


Still feeling sick as a dog over here... surviving on crackers and powerade... and quite frankly, so over it! I'm not that kind of girl... I need real food... and man I could kill for a steak right now... and some golden, buttery potatoes! It probably doesn't help that I've been pinning away all these amazing recipes and torturing myself visually with all the things I can't eat right now... so masochist of me, I know. Laying around in bed all day watching movies and taking naps is seriously overrated... especially when your body and brain feel like they've been run over by a mac truck. Anyways, enough of the rant... my brain is mush and my ramblings probably don't make much sense right now... but I'll leave you with a little tip of advice the doctor gave me on hand washing: it should take you as long as it takes to sing happy birthday... and yes, I know sing happy birthday each and every time I wash my hands...

***Today I am thankful for Julia Roberts and Renee Zellweger who have lovingly kept me company through many a chick flick this week... thanks gals!***


Link Love 8.26.12


image via my pinterest

How I'll be spending today: still sick... curled up under the duvet... sleepily watching Weeds... listening to the rain against my windows... and occasionally remembering to eat. My Sunday, how is yours going?

This week's favorite little thing of mine is... how I miss Caramel and his gentle nudges...

A diy beautiful crepe paper flower bouquet... easy and fun to make...

Reminiscing about my time in NYC with this blog... Humans of New York...

Who can resist a good, homemade pizza... and now I'm itching to try this pizza dough recipe...

Five friends take the same group photo for 30 years... such a great idea and fun idea!

How fun are these designs made by Daisy Balloon... and entirely made out of balloons too...

A great tutorial on how to make your lipstick color last all day long... kiss me...

Hold onto summer a little bit longer with this berry cobbler recipe... sweet and refreshing...

Love this idea of turning my instagram pictures into coasters... such a cute gift idea!

My condolences to family and friends that were injured in the Empire State Building shooting... it's scary to think I used work there...

***Today I am thankful for a rainy weekend which is making being home in bed not so bad... I guess***


Comfy Heels...


scarf: american eagle | top: urban outfitters | skirt: urban outfitters | tights: target | heels: tj maxx | necklace: h&m | lipstick: revlon (british red)


A Week In Instagrams 8.24.12


1. organized by color & style 2. the original brunch ladies 3. salty & sweet at tom's kitchen 4. sloane square market 5. babies dancing in the fountain 6. bunting with world flags 7. homemade fajitas 8. looking up at the shard 9. stop and look around you 10. on the road again 11. the sea of morning commuters 12. clean graffiti 13. denim mood board in the works 14. wearing flower crowns 15. ombre nails of the reddish type 16. ladies who brunch at the breakfast club 17. my new cuddly boyfriend 18. acid martinis at giraffe

Me right now... feeling under the weather... possibly with the flu... and the pink eye that hubs so lovingly decided to share... so yea...

Hopefully tomorrow... without this flu... and maybe sans the pink eye... a bit optimistic I know but hey, a girl can dream right?!?

***Today I am thankful for drugs that stop me from feeling my pounding head... that is all***


South Of France: Part 6


To finish up on my holiday posts... sorry its taken so long but with two weeks, beautiful scenery, and my trusty camera, it was to be expected... here is our last day. This gorgeous town is Le Lavandou, where hubs and I wandered around for our last day date! We headed over early enough to enjoy a nice leisure walk back to our camp site, stopping along on our stroll to take it all in, take some pictures (of course!), have a few bites, and have a couple of drinks. All in all it was the loveliest of holidays. Hubs taught me how to swim (I know, I never learned and I'm from Miami!) and how to play tennis, we sampled some amazing crepes, and got our tan on! If you want to see the entire holiday post series, here are 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.

***Today I am thankful for the chance to have shared our lovely holiday with you all, hope you enjoyed the series***


South Of France: Part 5


The town of Hyères is a lovely little place about a 35 minute drive from the campsite that we decided to explore one day. To say it was picturesque is an understatement... colorful buildings that had been faded by the sun overtime against a vibrant blue sky created the perfect backdrop for the town square. Walking through an archway led us down a winding alley lined with shops of all kinds... clothing, souvenirs, pottery, and of course food to name just a bit of what greeted us. We wandered around and I noticed that there were even smaller allies that branched off the main street, also filled with shops. We spent hours exploring and I even got up enough courage to practice my very minute French. It is customary to greet a customer when they first walk into a shop and then say good bye as they are exiting... and if you do not respond back accordingly, you are considered rude. Just remember to say bonjour and au revoir and you'll be fine... also making eye contact (at first I would nervously glance at my feet) goes a long way! We had some of the most amazing olives I have ever tasted (no seriously!) and I can almost taste them now... ridiculously soft, buttery, almost melting in my mouth... We also bought some local lavender honey, duck foie gras, and fig jam to bring back to London. I think hubs and I agree that the best souvenirs are the local specialties that you can eat! Eventually we ended up in the center, where restaurants and bars nicely had tables with umbrellas so customers could wine and dine in the gorgeous plaza. I'm so glad we got to discover this little place and am already looking forward to going back!

***Today I am thankful for colorful buildings that are faded by the sun... I think that makes them even more beautiful in my eyes***


Tuesday Tunes: The 1900s


image from here

Lately I've been grooving to The 1900s again, one of my favorite indie pop bands oozing with 70's influenced style. The Chicago based group is best known for their lead singers seductive, throaty vocals and their very complementing nostalgic sound. With a group of six on the stage, combined with tambourines, a violin, guitars, a keyboard, a base, and more depending on the song, there is always something to watch and enjoy when seeing them live. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform in NYC and it was such an amazing the experience! They have so much personality and easily engage you into each and every song... I dare you try and not bounce along! So far they have recorded four albums and each are a treat to the ear. Their songs always string together such effortless sounds, overly detailed but delicate at the same time and each sounding unique while remaining true to their sound as a whole. Whenever I'm having a stressful day, I just listen to them and honestly feel all my worries melting away... it's great! Hope they can do the same for you.

my fave 10:
The 1900s by Jackie Beale on Grooveshark
 *Click through to the blog to view actual playlist...

***Today I am thankful for live gigs... when they are good, it's a memory worth experiencing***


South Of France: Part 4


One thing that really struck me in France was just how blue everything was... from the clear skies to the never ending sea... every shade of blue imaginable... each more lovely than the next! I think being in London for this long, I naturally expect things to be grey and so the bright blues just hypnotized me. We spent plenty of time soaking up the warm sunshine while laying out out on the sandy beaches. The beach was another great place to people watch... I loved seeing the different styles of swimsuits and towels on the shore. It's nice to see families together... children playing in the sand... groups of teenagers nervously interacting... and older ladies sunbathing topless. I noticed that the busiest times (and hardest to get towel space) were before 12pm and after 3pm... the beach literally became zoo like! When we had had enough of the beach, we would wander over to La Faviere, the neighboring town, and have some cold drinks to cool ourselves down. In town you would also find groups of older men playing Boules, a french game played with silver balls that seemed to require a lot of concentration. Oh and I also spotted some street art in the form of graffiti tiles which of course made me a very happy girl!

***Today I am thankful for bright blue skies and clear blue seas... heaven on earth indeed***


Link Love 8.19.12


image via my pinterest

This has been a long and slow week of recovery from holiday... complete with procrastination and plenty of Mad Men... so much in fact, that I have now run out of episodes to watch and have no idea how I'm going to survive until the start of season six!?! Anyone know when it is? Any who, over here in London-town, the sun has decided to bless us with some very much needed (and late but better than never right?) warmth and sunshine... post the Olympics and all! I can't help but smugly think that maybe hubs and I had something to do with it... you know, bringing it over from France and all. So I'm off to enjoy it to the fullest... with an ice coffee in hand and some sunnies on my face... Happy Sunday!

This weeks favorite little thing of mine is... that's what I'll be trying to do come October...

Beautiful travel pictures and lovely fashion on Wish Wish Wish... what more could you ask for?

Using beach volleyball photography as inspiration to shoot the other sports... um, wow!

A great tip for all you married couples out there... takes planning to a whole new level!!!

Mo Farah running away from things is a great example of things possible... all thanks to photoshop...

Everyone is a winner with these Olympic medal sugar cookies... you can wear and eat them!

Beaches from around the world... but shot from above...

A little bit creepy and weird... but isn't this youtube video also just a little bit fantastic?!?

Inspiring intensity caught on film... truly capturing three Olympic U.S. athletes in the moment!

Did you know we have a facebook page... you can become a fan right here!

***Today I am thankful for the glorious warmth and sunshine that has followed us from France... thank you, thank you, than you***


South Of France: Part 3


About four or five years ago (can't remember exactly as my brain is getting old!) the Beales had their annual family reunion here at Camp du Domaine... back when hubs and I were still dating. One of the best and toughest things we did on that trip was hike along the sea side cliff tops for miles in the scorching sun... it was was great! Naturally, we geared up and tackled that bad boy again... but this time older... wiser... and much better equipped with water and food. The views from almost every point (besides when I was looking down to make sure I didn't fall off of a cliff) were spectacular... just as I had remembered! The water was so clear you could see the beds of coral and rocks gathered along the coast line. I could even see the various shades of blue and turquoise blending together in the sea. Same as last time, it was ridiculously hot... and that meant all clothes but my bikini came off this time. Occasionally we would escape the heat by dipping into the icy water whenever the path lead us back to sea level... and yes, the boys did decide that jumping off cliffs into rocky water was a good idea (boys will be silly). It was definitely a challenge but it did feel good and made me feel less guilty for not having ran in a while (at least my running shoes got some use hu?). Basically it was perfect... perfect day... perfect company... perfect scenery... just perfect. And would we do it again in four (or five) years time? You bet ya!

***Today I am thankful for all the beauty in nature that I got to experience on this hike... it was breathtaking***

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