Instagrams 7.27.12


1. jump! 2. the in-laws 3. i'm graduated suckers! 4. graffiti love 5. union jack 6. beale siblings 7. mum in-law 8. i prefer the ground 9 . monkeying around 10. one proud son 11. getting the shot 12. celebrating with pimm's 13. flower box 14. day dreamer 15. by any other name... 16. traditional roast dinner 17. olympic rings 18. english pride

Being sick for weeks now... and not really truly sick... but the kind where one day you feel slightly better so you think you must be nearing the end of it only to wake up the next and bam! You are slightly worse. Graduations... and not in a bad way... they are just awkward for everyone involved I think... but only during the ceremony part... after the formal stuff is over, the celebrating and fun begins! That I've been to three graduations in the past couple of months... as far I'm concerned, my have fulfilled my quota for the year, please start signing up for next years one. How about that it's the end of July!!! Where has this summer... month... year gone? I feel like if I relax for a second I'll be wrapping presents and wearing coats again... sigh. This "heat wave" or brief "summer" London was experiencing for three days where we just about broke 80 degrees... and I found it really hot! Imagine little old Floridian me found it hot... oh my papi would laugh if he heard that. No worries though, the weather realized it's mistake and went back to being it's trusty old, grey, and rainy self again... phew! The Olympics are coming... the Olympics are coming... the Olympics are here?!? And the patriotic stuff is up everywhere... check! And the tubes are running smoothly... whoops! And lets be obnoxious and practice the opening ceremony at full loudness complete with firework finale every midnight for the next three nights leading up to the actual day... seriously?!? Go team go!

Escaping London and all the crazy hoopla surrounding the Olympics for some quite time down south for graduations and family time. Having an excuse to dress up and see everyone else dress up because lets face it... that's always nice. Not to mention having an excuse to dust the old cob webs off some luscious heels to sport around town... I've been missing you guys! Nature walks with hubs through little old Ringwood... and yes they take forever because I stop to take pictures of everything... EVERYTHING! Spotting something Olympic, patriotic, or just plain crazy in literally every corner of London... I love it and nope, I'm not being sarcastic at all! Did I mention spotting the tourists!!! Man oh man it's become may favorite past time and takes people watching to a whole new level... carrying a map... wearing a fanny pack... looks genuinely lost and slightly scared... I got skills I know. Pretending to be a tourist so you can take endless pictures of all the touristy stuff with no shame and kind of blending in... not that anything ever really stopped me before but still, it's nice. Eating ice cream for lunch because I'm sick... and my throat hurts... and it's really hot out... that enough excuses for you? Skype dates with best friends and finally getting to meet a new little one via the internet... last time we hung out she was still in the belly. Working, designing, drawing, and revamping my lovely little blogs... I've even learned a trick or two in coding... watch out now! My new found inner peace and happiness with work, body, and mind... you better believe I'm going to be trying to hold onto this with all my might!

***Today I am thankful for life in general... oh happy days! ***


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