Fourth Of July Mix...


As if you didn't see this one coming right?!? I won't write much... I'll just let the song lyrics do the talking for me! It's times like these that I miss working in an office where I could potentially annoy all of my co-workers with my insanely seasonal music... and don't think this is just reserved for the Fourth of July, oh no! But I guess I am probably being overly obnoxious about the whole red, white, and blue thing since living in a foreign country. In case you had any doubts, I'm the American girl in London wearing flag inspired nails (and toe nails!), stuffing my face with a burger while skipping along the streets humming American themed songs like the ones below and insisting that everyone (hubs included) should be just as excited as I am!!! I'm pretty sure I bleed stars and once when I was young, I had dance number to Neil Diamond's "America" and my costume was a flag... so yea... Happy almost Fourth!!! 

image via my instagram

my fave 10
America Playlist by Jackie Beale on Grooveshark
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***Today I am thankful for all of these amazing America themed songs... without you guys, I don't know how I'd show my patriotism***


  1. "America, America" by A Balladeer is also a beautiful song! You should hear it! ;-) Nice post! :)

    1. Thanks Design by LISA! Sorry for the ridiculously delayed reply and yep, listened to "America, America" and it's pretty amazing, thanks for sharing. -JB.



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