DIY: Coca Cola Favors...


Tools: red & grey card, pencil, star shaped cookie cutter, scissors, hole puncher, sharpie pen, twine, fun stripey straws, and glass coca-cola bottles

  1. Gather tools needed. Note: You can use any star shaped object to trace or if you are good, free hand it!
  2. Using your cookie cutter, trace as many stars on the card with a pencil as lightly as possible . You'll want one for each bottle.
  3. Cut out your stars. To avoid having to erase lines, I try and cut as close to my line as possible and then just flip them over to use the other side as the front.
  4. Punch a hole at one of the points of each star. This will now mark the top for you.
  5. Write your little message. I chose to keep them all the same but you can mix it up if you like!
  6. Cut twine strips the desired length depending on how many times you want to wrap them around the neck of the bottle. You'll need a strip per bottle.
  7. Tie twine strip around bottle neck once, then place your straw and wrap around a few more times. Finish with a bow and clip ends to make them even.
  8. Repeat per bottle. Cute, easy, and your guests will truly enjoy them!
***Today I am thankful for coca-cola in those cute little glass bottles... because everything tastes better out of glass!!!***


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