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So tomorrow hubs and I are off on holiday to the south of France and there will be a whole lot of the above going on! I've got my bathing suits packed... my nails and toes freshly painted... new sunnies to sport... and my favorite hat all raring to go! All that's left is stocking up on some good reads at the airport and beach side is where you can find me for the next two weeks!!! Au Revoir!

This week's favorite little thing of mine is... don't you just love when that happens?!?

What do oranges, retro 50's silhouettes, and Vegas have in common... this lovely blogger...

Need to spruce up your walls for cheap... try this DIY tumbling block art that's sure to impress...

Since I've been lacking on my own Tuesday Tunes... here's an inspiring playlist in the meantime...

Ways to wear staple pieces from day to night... definitely using some of these tips for light packing...

Beyond obsessed with this cute llama necklace... I think I might just treat myself to it...

Happy to have partaken in my own silent sky project this morning... just me and some fluffy clouds...

These summer ice cubes are the perfect touch to any summer drink... pretty and add taste!!!

Wishing I was still in NYC for this amazing event... Bike-In-Theater sounds like the perfect date...

Can you imagine a bike superhighway... Denmark already has one and Copenhagen is next in line!!!

***Today I am thankful for sunny south of France... let the love affair begin!!!***


Letter To London...


Dear London,

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be living here... how truly beautiful of a city you are... and how enchanting you can be. Moments like this one help remind me and always make me fall a little more in love with you. I just thought you should know... that is all.

Jackie B.


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1. jump! 2. the in-laws 3. i'm graduated suckers! 4. graffiti love 5. union jack 6. beale siblings 7. mum in-law 8. i prefer the ground 9 . monkeying around 10. one proud son 11. getting the shot 12. celebrating with pimm's 13. flower box 14. day dreamer 15. by any other name... 16. traditional roast dinner 17. olympic rings 18. english pride

Being sick for weeks now... and not really truly sick... but the kind where one day you feel slightly better so you think you must be nearing the end of it only to wake up the next and bam! You are slightly worse. Graduations... and not in a bad way... they are just awkward for everyone involved I think... but only during the ceremony part... after the formal stuff is over, the celebrating and fun begins! That I've been to three graduations in the past couple of months... as far I'm concerned, my have fulfilled my quota for the year, please start signing up for next years one. How about that it's the end of July!!! Where has this summer... month... year gone? I feel like if I relax for a second I'll be wrapping presents and wearing coats again... sigh. This "heat wave" or brief "summer" London was experiencing for three days where we just about broke 80 degrees... and I found it really hot! Imagine little old Floridian me found it hot... oh my papi would laugh if he heard that. No worries though, the weather realized it's mistake and went back to being it's trusty old, grey, and rainy self again... phew! The Olympics are coming... the Olympics are coming... the Olympics are here?!? And the patriotic stuff is up everywhere... check! And the tubes are running smoothly... whoops! And lets be obnoxious and practice the opening ceremony at full loudness complete with firework finale every midnight for the next three nights leading up to the actual day... seriously?!? Go team go!

Escaping London and all the crazy hoopla surrounding the Olympics for some quite time down south for graduations and family time. Having an excuse to dress up and see everyone else dress up because lets face it... that's always nice. Not to mention having an excuse to dust the old cob webs off some luscious heels to sport around town... I've been missing you guys! Nature walks with hubs through little old Ringwood... and yes they take forever because I stop to take pictures of everything... EVERYTHING! Spotting something Olympic, patriotic, or just plain crazy in literally every corner of London... I love it and nope, I'm not being sarcastic at all! Did I mention spotting the tourists!!! Man oh man it's become may favorite past time and takes people watching to a whole new level... carrying a map... wearing a fanny pack... looks genuinely lost and slightly scared... I got skills I know. Pretending to be a tourist so you can take endless pictures of all the touristy stuff with no shame and kind of blending in... not that anything ever really stopped me before but still, it's nice. Eating ice cream for lunch because I'm sick... and my throat hurts... and it's really hot out... that enough excuses for you? Skype dates with best friends and finally getting to meet a new little one via the internet... last time we hung out she was still in the belly. Working, designing, drawing, and revamping my lovely little blogs... I've even learned a trick or two in coding... watch out now! My new found inner peace and happiness with work, body, and mind... you better believe I'm going to be trying to hold onto this with all my might!

***Today I am thankful for life in general... oh happy days! ***


The Red, White, & Blue Kind...


tank: forever21 | button down: madewell | skirt: zara | sandals: bakers | watch: fossil | necklace: beacon's closet | lipstick: revlon (british red)


Editor's Note...


Hello long lost friends! I seriously can't believe that it's nearly the end of July and that the last time I was on here (properly) was around the fourth of July! I mean, I feel like I've just blinked and two seconds later I'm about to turn the calender page to yet another new month... holy time is going at warp speed these days!!! So what exactly have I been up to... not even sure where to begin...

This month has been a positive one in many ways and forms... work, body, mind... and of course love, but thanks to hubs, family, and friends, that department hardly ever needs work!

Work- In case you didn't know my story, I'll quickly sum it up like this... married for love, moved for visa, can't find a job! Or at least one in an area that fulfills me creatively. It's been nearly a year and half since I made the leap (countries I mean) and with the economy and the constant London snobbery in artistic fields (sorry but it's true), I have yet to find my place in the career scene. But with all this new found time, I have been able to really explore the depths of design and focus on the kind of designer I aspire to be. I wish I could say that the past year and half was spent in this way, maximizing my time and energy to the fullest, but it wasn't. In fact it's only been in the last couple of months that I have come to terms with the fact that if you really love what you do, you might have to take some steps down in order to get back on track. I wasn't prepared for this in the slightest... I mean I had been so busy climbing up my whole life that going down didn't even seem like an option. It's only now that I realize life has no specific structure and that whole "things not necessarily going to plan" can happen more often than you'd think. Through this process I have learned a lot about myself, even somethings I wouldn't have thought and I don't particularity like. I have been wounded (pride-wise) and I have hit rock bottom (a bit dramatic, I know) but here I am... still standing, still creating, and still pursuing. With the launch of chi.qui.ti.tos (a glimpse into my world as a children's fashion designer), some recent collaborations, and the encouragement of fellow peers, I am happy and proud to announce to the world that I am now a freelancer!!! Sure for the time being I am a "free" freelancer, but I'm ok with that. I'm just happy and eager to create and that's all it really comes down to at the end f the day.

Body- In the past, we have had a love/hate relationship as I'm sure most people do. I would constantly try to push myself physically and get upset when my body failed to keep up. Sometimes getting so frustrated that I would walk away completely from any form of physical activity (I'm looking at you running!). And then there have been the times when my body is co-operating and I am achieving the results I'm after, only to fall victim to a cold or injury. Again, I'm not the most patient person and even less when it comes to myself. So you can just imagine the roller coaster of a ride that has been me and fitness. I'm not really sure when... or why for that matter... but (magically) everything seems to have clicked into place for me. I don't mean that my expectations and the outcomes match, just that I have a better understanding of when my body needs rest and am ok when I don't necessarily hit my goals. I tried to jump start my workout routine by adding a ton of new things in at once (classic overachiever me) and surprise, surprise... my body crashed. But you know what? I recognized the problems, sat out for the time needed, and tried again.  I'm finding I'm being a lot more patient with myself these days... like I'm suddenly wise and all those years of experience have only now just caught up with me. I even started track (wait for it), have signed up to two half marathons within weeks from each other (wait for it), and will be taking on hill training (I know! who am I?!?). Of course I have goals for all of these things, and I still think they are important to keep me motivated... but I am also being more realistic. I'm realizing it's ok when goals aren't met and it's ok to change them around. Recognizing that right there has made a world of difference for me!

Mind- As you can imagine, my mind has been a complete mixture of emotions in the past couple of years. I have experienced them all, from the highs of happiness, to the lows of depression. In this post I had shed light on some of the issues I had been (secretly) dealing with and was deeply touched by the lovely responses from family, friends, and followers. It has been a long tough road... endless soul searching... questioning of everything... giving up more times than I care to count... and the entire time leaning on the unconditional love and support from hubs, the parents, and little k like you wouldn't imagine. As with other areas of my life, one thing seems consistent across the board. Identify what isn't working and figure out ways to fix it... even if that means breaking free from traditional ways and rules. And if you know me, I am all about the rules (usually self imposed) and sticking to the plan. Well ladies and gentlemen... Can I just say I have officially thrown out the rule book and crumbled away any remains of any plans... and I have to say, I feel much freer for it! It also helps when my self esteem (provided by work) and body are flowing nicely together. In fact, if I've learned anything at all from all of this, it's that you need to work on on each of these areas simultaneously as they all coexist together to make you who you are.

Happy work-wise + happy body-wise + happy mind-wise = a happy me!!!

Sorry for all the rambling... it was a long and slightly serious one... but I just wanted to share with you guys. In trying to find the balance in my life, I hope to resume posting regularly... but not making any promises for the reasons as stated above ;)


Fourth Of July Mix...


As if you didn't see this one coming right?!? I won't write much... I'll just let the song lyrics do the talking for me! It's times like these that I miss working in an office where I could potentially annoy all of my co-workers with my insanely seasonal music... and don't think this is just reserved for the Fourth of July, oh no! But I guess I am probably being overly obnoxious about the whole red, white, and blue thing since living in a foreign country. In case you had any doubts, I'm the American girl in London wearing flag inspired nails (and toe nails!), stuffing my face with a burger while skipping along the streets humming American themed songs like the ones below and insisting that everyone (hubs included) should be just as excited as I am!!! I'm pretty sure I bleed stars and once when I was young, I had dance number to Neil Diamond's "America" and my costume was a flag... so yea... Happy almost Fourth!!! 

image via my instagram

my fave 10
America Playlist by Jackie Beale on Grooveshark
 *Click through to the blog to view actual music player...

***Today I am thankful for all of these amazing America themed songs... without you guys, I don't know how I'd show my patriotism***


DIY: Coca Cola Favors...


Tools: red & grey card, pencil, star shaped cookie cutter, scissors, hole puncher, sharpie pen, twine, fun stripey straws, and glass coca-cola bottles

  1. Gather tools needed. Note: You can use any star shaped object to trace or if you are good, free hand it!
  2. Using your cookie cutter, trace as many stars on the card with a pencil as lightly as possible . You'll want one for each bottle.
  3. Cut out your stars. To avoid having to erase lines, I try and cut as close to my line as possible and then just flip them over to use the other side as the front.
  4. Punch a hole at one of the points of each star. This will now mark the top for you.
  5. Write your little message. I chose to keep them all the same but you can mix it up if you like!
  6. Cut twine strips the desired length depending on how many times you want to wrap them around the neck of the bottle. You'll need a strip per bottle.
  7. Tie twine strip around bottle neck once, then place your straw and wrap around a few more times. Finish with a bow and clip ends to make them even.
  8. Repeat per bottle. Cute, easy, and your guests will truly enjoy them!
***Today I am thankful for coca-cola in those cute little glass bottles... because everything tastes better out of glass!!!***


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